A small but significant problem had while sewing is threading the needle.  Especially as you get up in years, and the eyes are not what they "should" be, when you are tired late at night but have a project that absolutely has to get done, it just gets hard to thread the needle. Here is a simple solution, helps to save the sanity and lessen that frustration!

Step 1: Gather Materials

Of course there are the commercial threaders, not very expensive, but if you are like me, we misplace them, can't find it when needed, etc.  I wanted to be able to continue with out running to a store, so came up with the solution shown here. All I needed was a small piece of "tin" cut from a pepsi can, and a short length of multi-strand copper wire.  I used wire cutters, wire stripper, small pliers, etc.
<p>l find that if l put some glue on both sides of the shop bought needle threaders, where the wire is crimped onto the metal holder, that they last a lot longer, the wire does not pull out but will eventually break but it does extend the life of the threader.</p>
<p>Great hack. I've been trying to make a needle threader for a long time, but couldn't find wire thin enough. I'm just going to repair all the threaders I ripped the wire off of! thanks</p>
<p>yes, it took me quite a while to get it to work in a small needle, then i did it by making sure the loop was very fine and pointy and in good lighting. ?</p>
<p>yes i'll let you know if I get this to work, good, because those commercial ones are a bit of a rip off, three for $5.00 and wear out in one sitting.</p>
<p>yes Marie, it y works, but as the comments suggest you don't really need to attach the wires to the piece of &quot;tin&quot;. just use as it comes...saves that step!</p>
<p>Well, it's late and my brain will not focus on the stranded wire idea. I know I have a mess of bell wire I'm trying to repurpose, but I'm sure that's still too thick after stripping it. I'd really like to put a &quot;fan&quot; of the wires sticking out of the insulation in an emergency sewing kit I'm making to sell at our church craft fair. If I knew where to get this wire, I think you will have solved the threader problem for the kit. Thanks!!</p>
<p>Great &amp; simple idea ! I simplified further by stopping at step one. I left the insulation on, (about 2 inches) and stripped about an inch of wire. I bend out one strand of wire and put the loop in it. If it breaks, I simply bend out another strand. This way I always have a lot of spares at my fingertips. Thanks for the idea.</p>
<p>Good modification. Thank you.</p>
My mother will have a new needle threader as soon as I get home tonight. Great idea! Thanks.
Thanks for the comment. She will appreciate it, I'm sure!
I know you can't see it from where you are but I have an &quot;I can't believe I'm that dumb!&quot; look on my face. I dabble in electronics and just electric stuff repair and I have that stranded wire all over the place. And sometimes I need to sew things with tired eyes and I have thought of getting a needle threader. And all this time that stranded wire was staring me in the face! This is such a simple and just stinking obvious solution to the problem of tired eyes V needle threading! I can't believe I missed it.<br><br>Five stars for you!
That's about the best endorsement ever! Thanks!
Always I said you are clever!
Thank you sir!
Nice hack! I'll bet these are much better than the bought ones. : )
Thanks, sunshiine.
Very nice! Sometimes I need one of these, especially when using embroidery floss or when it's late at night. :D
thanks, jessy...my eyes get tired and I see 4 holes!

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