Hey, this is my second good instructable so I am still kind of new to the whole instructable thing. Before we get started, I want to promote and give thanks to the video that taught me how to do it. I acctually forgot to take pictures in the making, but its pretty simple so you wont need that much instruction. I will give little tips and solutions that the guy didn't say, so this isn't just a blunt copy.
Here's the link:


Step 1: What You Need

It doesn't take or cost much, but here is the crap you need.
2 feet 1/2 inch pvc (must be 1/2 inch to fire well!!!!)
1/2 inch plastic pvc ball valve
ball valve
basket ball pump/tube
2L bottle
gorilla glue
duct tape
pvc cemet

can be 5 to 20 dollars, depending on the quality, and amount
That looks so cool!
This is a great nerf gun! BTW - It's hard to tell the range in the video. How far does this shoot?
what about "liquid nails"? I find that to be an awesome all around glue
Could you make a video on how to do this? The youtube video is hard to understand....
i made mine like a week ago (not using your instructable) and it costs me about $<strong><em>6</em></strong> but i bought ten feet of the pvc when i only used like 3-4 ft.
what size not length like how big the hole is i made one out of half in. pvc and i just need to lube the barrel of it but other than that it can power the dart but it gets a little stuck.
Sweet!!!!!!!!! cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!! 5stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1<br />
&nbsp;nice instructable but wouldnt you be better of using a 4 pint milk bottle
Thanks, i actually tried to make the pipe bigger, which really helped, try that<br />

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