Ever want to go up to some one and wave a glowing bottle of awesome in their face?!? NOW YOU CAN!

Step 1: Stuff You Need

hear is a list of stuff you need (because i cant spell ingredeints)
Nuka-Cola Quantum Recipe
Two drops of Blue food Coloring
Two drops of Red food Coloring
One Foosh "Seriously Caffeinated" Mint
1/3rds Sprite
1/3rds Mountain Dew
1/3rds Squirt! soda
Tonic water

If it Exists a small black light LED can be mounted on the bottom like a normal led with a watch battery, this will make it glow 
To help with the light defusing through the liquid, add some small piece of reflective material under the leds 
here is some other stuff to make to look cool
- OLD coca cola glass bottle (remember EVERYTHING is better when it comes fresh from a glass bottle )
- some white or blue leds
- small watch batteries
- anything else
- the labels made by aznz888 from facepunch (recipe to)
How much tonic water should I put in?
Hey could you had the link to the label pls?
<p>Can you drink it???</p>
<p>Thanks for the Instructable! </p>
<p>Could i use Mountain Dew Voltage or somthing else blue?</p>
couple things: where do i get the mints? also, i want to use a pepsi bottle for the nuka cola (the person i'm giving this to prefers pepsi), will that pose a problem for replacing the bottle cap with a nuka cola bottle cap? also, since i haven't even purchased the required items, i'll ask-how do i put a bottle cap back onto an open bottle? o.O
<p>There is a tool called a &quot;bottle capper&quot;....</p>
I tried this but the colour was ripped out in less than a week :( just left with a clear bottle. Anyway to make the dye stick ?
<p>i'm currently crafting a bottle of quantum cola, and i filled up the bottle with ice mint syrup that is past its use by date. this is exactly the needed blue. i had this bottle for like two years and the color hadn't change. i guess the sugar make the liquid's components (including the color) more stable.</p>
If you were only a Quantum Chemist, you wouldn't have to make it with different clear sodas, just a bunch of Nuka Cola's! but nah jk, this is pretty cool, i'm gonna have to try this. I was wanting one that I could keep though, any ideas on how to make it a decor that i could just turn on and off? anyone?
I think remote control LED exists.
<p>Look up a bottle capper and caps at any home brewing supply store. Once capped, it'll be permanent until you open the cap.</p>
exactly how much is 1/3rds?
Since there were some requests for the label, I edited it to remove the Vault-Boy, and the radiation warning. I also added the actual nutrition facts and ingredients from your recipe. Hope it helps anyone who wants it.
Sorry go back and try again .
i added ice cream to diffuse the light more <br>
is this drinkable?
is this drinkable?
whats the dollar to caps exange rate?
I found the mints on ebay with shipping 12 cost me $5.33 Now how do I cap this stuff?
Coat it with hot glue, then drop it in and add a magnet switch to do it!
How did you attach the led? Or where did you attach it?
foosh mints are the bomb.
Do you guys know any good LED base that I should buy to make one?
I know this is a little late in coming but Just made a base because I didn't want to pay 35 for a uv base. <br><br>Used this instructable as a base since I haven't done a lot of electrical or messed with many LEDs. anyways. Used a Tuna Can and some plexi and the reflector off an old mag light.
you can make this and then put your nuka cola caps on it, or you can change the bottle tops and make it quantum.
Yep. Have a few empty Nuka Bottles and two full ones. One 8oz and one 12.5oz.
HI! awesome prop! one thing though. i dont like how the lable has the pip boy and the radiation warning... is there anyway to edit those out?
Go to WastelandOutpost.com, Wasteland Elvis there has done a lot of work in replicating printable images of a lot of the consumable food items in game. The Nuka drinks are just some of the few. Also the perfect bottles for the nuka drinks are the ones made in Mexico. They can be found in most Mexican Ethnic stores.
i had a thought what if you drill to holes in the bottom for the led wires and line up the led then fill the bottom with epoxy which supposedly after it sets is non toxic then just bend your wires to the correct postions and valla your led stays at the bottom
is there anyway besides using LEDs on the bottom of the bottle to make the mixture glow not only in the dark but in natural lighting? ive been searching for a way to make a liquid glow that you can still drink and i keep coming up empty handed, and if not then how do you put the LEDs on the bottle an instrutable would be nice please and thank you!
use isotope
I got a lava lamp light and put it under the bottle and it works great you could also use a stick light im not sure what its called but they are lights that are flast and the other side is stick so you can have a portable lightbulb
what i did was make a LED double throwie (2 LEDs, 1 battery) and put it inside a watertight clear plastic container which floated, attached some fishing line and a weight, causing it to float right behind the label (invisible) and it works well
Well, you could always find a supermutant, which aren't even that rare anymore, and kill them to extract the FEV virus found in them. Then you'd need to put the virus inside the cola, giving it the equivalent boost of rad poison, to radiate the water and make it glow. Other than that, no.
Im pretty sure you can make it glow in blacklight by adding tonic water.
Radiation............its edible.......
Are ya saying its wrong to eat this stuff..waerhwhrlkawkrhlhwrlhk....yum.
I don't think there's any way to make it glow in natural light and have it be edible, but c'mon, glow-in-the-dark anything is still cool.<br/><br/>This might work to make it glow-in-the-dark and edible.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://chemistry.about.com/od/glowinthedarkprojects/a/glowingmtdew.htm">http://chemistry.about.com/od/glowinthedarkprojects/a/glowingmtdew.htm</a><br/><br/>If you just want a display piece though, just get any liquid and empty either highlighter ink into it, a glowstick, or fluorescent paint.<br/><br/>Besides those though, there's honestly no way to make it emit enough light to be visible in natural lighting, as well as edible.<br/>
in the game it describes it as a &quot;nuka cola then downing a fistful of sugar and punching youself in the face&quot; so i dont see why you cant just drink some coke eat a bunch of sugar and punch yourself in the face
you know, you could always crack open a smoke detector for the americium. its not strontium, but it will get the radioactive effect. i also found my own recipe. 2 oz of pomegranate flavor 5 hour energy 2 oz of berry flavor 5 hour energy 4 oz of Mountain Dew Voltage 3 oz of Vault 1 oz of Red Bull Cola (Coca-Cola works, but i found red bull cola tasted more accurately described) 1 drop blue food coloring 1 drop red food coloring I have used it and you will not sleep for a week, then you will sleep for 3 weeks. do not drink if you have any health problems of complications, pregnant, or may become pregnant, over the age of thirty, under the age of 18, or is using any medications, dietary supplements, vitamins, health supplements, natural supplements, fruit, vegetation, meat, alcohol, or drugs. It is also recommended you visit your primary care physician daily. Be sure to drink plenty of water.
it purple but that is still cool
&nbsp;I take this article more pf just an inspiration 'ible. I plan to make NukaCola Quantum now, but prob not with any of these things except for the LEDs maybe.

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