These cupcakes are made for a colleague's birthday.The cupcakes are decorated to translate her fun personality. She loves Twilight and the colour red, so the cupcakes are in chocolate and with red frosting. Each cupcake has a different phrase that describes the birthday girl, Megan. At the party, everyone is encouraged to have fun with these cupcakes and snap a photo mix and matching the phrases for the birthday girl.

Step 1: Prepare Your Fondants

Chocolate cupcakes
Red vanilla frosting
Marshmallow fondants
Colouring gel
Alphabet stamps
Circle cutter

For Decorations:
1. I used my fondants out of tiny marshmallows, as described here or you can also use store bought fondants
2. Roll your fondants into 1/8" thick and cut individual circles out with a circle cutter
3. Let them dry.
Those alphabet stamps are great! Awesome idea for decorating cupcakes :)

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