Some say that the best gifts are homemade, meaning that they come straight from the heart. And these homemade bookmarks are just that! No matter the obsessions: characters, favorite photos, pets, etc, these bookmarks will help to save a place in your next reading adventure...and keep you company at the same time!

Step 1: Materials List

First, you will need to gather some materials to make these bookmarks. They are:

  • several images printed off from your computer
  • scissors
  • clear contact paper
  • flat thin cardboard
  • ribbons
  • glue stick (not shown)

Step 2: Prep Images

First, gather up some of your favorite images you want to use for your bookmarks. These are some that I've printed off, but I will show you my Top 4 picks at the very end.

Step 3: Glue Down Image

Now, cut out your image and use your glue stick to adhere it down to a piece of thin cardboard. You can make this any size that you want, maybe no more than 3 inches wide and no more than 6 inches long. Mine will come out to be 3 x 5.5 inches.

Step 4: Cover Up

Once the glue dries, flip the image over and lay it face down on the sticky side of a piece of clear contact paper. Then, fold it in. My best trick is to cut off the corners so they'll be easier for you to fold in.

Step 5: Final Touches

For the final touches, punch a small hole about 1/2" off the top, and thread a piece of ribbon through the hole. Tie the ribbon in place, and your bookmarks are done!

Step 6: Homemade at Its Best

These are the images I chosen for my bookmarks:

  • My Sesame Street Home Video: Sing Along
  • The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth: An Eye for a Tooth
  • Duran Duran Music Life Magazine
  • Mark Reid's Classic Sugar Skull Face Paint

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