Step 5: Holes to fit your binder

Picture of Holes to fit your binder
Many planners come with binders that have an unusual number and arrangement for the rings.  If you are making your own calendar pages, you need a special hole punch.  You can make your own with a piece of 1/2 inch plywood and a standard hole punch like you see in the photo.  Cut the plywood to the same size and shape as the planner pages.
KEUrban5 years ago

Just a suggestion on your hole punch. I supervise duplication services at work. Take a big stack of sheets, sandwich them between two of your plywood forms with light cardboard (like on the back of a pad of paper) as the first and last pages of the stack, and then use a drill press to punch the holes. Except for the plywood forms (we have stops set up on the hole punch), that's how we punch hundreds of pages at a time.

Once the drill press is started, and before drilling, hold a block of wax against the bit to lubricate it. Then, drill away.
laxap5 years ago
I have a "Time/system" planner. Due to the PDA an now the  gcal eras, I still use it but only occasionally, and mainly for sketches and quick notes.

I've been always highly annoyed by the holes arrangement and necessity to buy blank paper, or a specific punch, all sold at scandalous prices. This plywood + hole punch trick is a great idea!

How many sheets can you punch in the same time?