Mancala is a popular 2-player board game that was invented in Africa hundreds of years ago. According to Wikipedia, what is known as Mancala in America is actually the game Kalah, which was introduced by William Julius Champion Jr. in the early 1900s.

This game is played with a board that has 2 rows with 6 holes in each row. There is also a pit at each end of the board. You can find a picture of a Mancala set here.

I am going to show you how to make one of these by yourself and save around $20 and the trouble of searching for a set in stores. Plus, who doesn't enjoy working hard and making their own stuff? Also, it's portable, so you can take the set anywhere you want!

For more on the gameplay of Mancala, check out Wikipedia or YummyPancakes' tutorial.

This is my first instructable, so try not to be too harsh :)

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools required:
-A ruler
-A sharp knife (A utility knife is recommended)
-Duct Tape
-Regular Tape (Masking tape is fine)
-Pen or pencil
-Optional: Some paint, colored markers or pencils for decoration

Materials needed:
-Two egg cartons*
-Counters (e.g. rocks, seeds, paper clips, coins, marbles, etc.) You need to be able to fit about 7 or 8 in one pocket, just in case. I chose peanuts, but it's up to you. There should be 48 in total.

Note: The cartons should have 6 pockets each. If you have a 12-egg carton, it's a harder process, but you should still be able to accomplish the task. I made the set with two 6-egg cartons, so I don't have pictures showing the 12-egg carton method.
<p>my classmates will love it!</p>
<p>I think this is a great step taturial for my social studies project</p>
great instructable! i used zip-ties (kabelbinder) instead of tape, i think it looks a little more neat and might be more durable as well....
Great, just goes to show that <em>game play</em> is often more important than what you're playing it with. You can <em>buy</em> these made out of <em>plastic</em> but this is much more sensible.<br/><br/>L<br/>
Thanks...that is a compliment right? I would have included more on the gameplay, but there's already an instructable on that like I mentioned in the title page. :)
(yes it is) and you linked to how to play I think L

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