It all started as I was just cleaning my golden dollars (from varnish) and the amazing happened. I accidently left on in the vinegar too long! And to my surprise, I started seeing changes in the dollar. I decided to leave it in the vinegar for a few weeks, and the whole manganese gold cover acidic-ally came off, but I couldn't find the cover because it had melted. And to my awareness, I had a copper golden dollar!

All of this instructable is pretty easy, and very cheap!

Step 1: What You Will Need

1. Golden dollar
2. Vinegar
3. Paper towels
4. A glass container
&nbsp;Where did the gold go? &nbsp;According to the US Mint, the Sakagawea dollar has a coating of copper-zinc-manganese-nickel. &nbsp;Vinegar is acetic acid. &nbsp;It reacts with the metal coating forming a metal acetate (copper acetate, zinc acetate, etc.) &nbsp;Metal acetates tend to be soluble in water. &nbsp;When you threw out the vinegar water, the acetates went with it. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> If you stick two wires from a battery (like 9v), the metals should coat out on the wire from the negative pole of the battery. &nbsp;Also, the metals will come out of the solution as a white, crumbly metal oxide if you make the solution alkaline. &nbsp;Oven cleaner and ammonia are alkaline.
&nbsp;Yeah.....I couldn't find it!<br /> <br /> 007dna<br />
Did this process dissolve the lettering? Could you buff the dollar to a shiny finish or is it rough and potted?
No, it's still shiny.
<em>Why</em> would you want to take the gold off!?<br/>
its not gold. It has a goldish look to it but its just a protective coating of maganesse.
THANK YOU!! Someone understands!!!
This is a <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Numismatism">numismatist's</a> nightmare!<br/>BTW, where does the gold go? Is there some way we could extract it out of the vinegar solution?<br/>
Apparently the "gold" is just a protective coating of maganesse.
Who knows! I just though it kinda cool.

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