Picture of Make Your Own Rapunzel Wig
Whether your daughter is dying to be Rapunzel for Halloween or you just want to add a prop to her dress up wardrobe, this is a simple afternoon project that requires just a few materials.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
To start you'll want to gather the following supplies.

Pair of old tights or stockings
1-2 balls of yellow yarn (depending on how thick/long you want the hair)
Needle and thread
AmyD14 made it!21 days ago
Thanks once again - my 6 year old daughter wore it for her book parade and won first prize out of about 200 kindergarten kids!
AmyD1422 days ago
Thanks for this! My sewing skills are pretty basic, but we made this for my daughter's book parade! :)
nice one i love it lolz :D
786Ayesha2 years ago
ohhh!! thats so cute.
She looks so adorable in that wig! I just love it with the flowers woven in!
lafnbear2 years ago
And Halloween's just coming up; perfect!
Just fantastic. So happy you posted it here. :D