Step 5: Forming the Razor Holder

Picture of Forming the Razor Holder
Ok, here we will form the razor holder. Depending on the razor you are using, please make sure that the holder will fit your razor. For the most part, if you make the holder about a 1" triangle, you should be fine with anything. Mine hold a Schick Injector E Series which has a bit of a fat handle.

Determine what height you want your stand to be. It should be high enough that your razor and brush can hang without touching the counter/table/whatever it is standing on. Don't make it too tall, otherwise it could get too tippy for the base. Once you have determined the height, follow these steps.

First: Hold the upright so the bend you put into it is at the desire height. The bend will need to make the wire 90 degrees to the upright, and the wire will be parallel with the counter. I put the bend going back over the upright to increase stability.

Second: Hold the wire at the desired length, which will be about the edge of the base looking down on it (once again I used my pliers as an eyeball measurement). Put a 90 degree bend in the wire. You don't want it to be too far over, as the weight of the razor could tip the stand.

Third: Hold the wire at the last bend, and bend the wire back toward itseld, forming a triangle. The wire will pass over itself, this is ok.

Fourth: Decide how deep you want the triangle to be, and then hold the wire (still the "loose" end" near the sideways bar where it crosses itself. Put a bend in it to line it up with the top bar. I wanted to make sure that I had plenty of room, so I put a pretty big triangle shape into it. Yours may be smaller.