Picture of Make Your Own Seed Bead Ring
Hi everyone!

Today I’ll show you how to make your own cute seed bead ring. It’s super easy and fun to make…
So, let’s begin ^_^

Things you’ll need:

• Lots of tiny beads (any color you like)
• Nylon thread (15-20cm long)
• A pair of scissors
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Step 1:

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Put three beads through the plastic thread. Bring these towards the middle of the thread length.

Step 2:

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Put a fourth bead through one end of the thread and cross that bead, passing the other end of the thread through it as well.

Step 3:

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Pull both ends of the thread outwards to bring all four beads together in a closed, flower-like formation.

Now, put one bead through each end of the thread.

Put another bead through one end of the thread and cross that bead with the other end of the thread as done in the previous step.

Step 4:

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Keep repeating step 3 till you achieve the desired chain-length for your ring.

Step 5:

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Close the ring by crossing the two ends of the thread through the first bead in the chain.

Step 6:

Tie a couple of tight knots at the end of the last bead and cut away the excess thread.

And it’s done!

Do let me know how you like this instructable.
I’d love to see pictures of the adorable little rings you make!
Have a fun day ahead ^_^
isamashazi21 days ago


Mommy2Clover9 months ago

how/when do I add to focal bead?

I love making jewelry.Rings are my favorites.

I will post an Instructable showing off my ring,but with much thanks from you! Soooo cute! I did my ring with some fishing cord though.

Great! Fishing cord works well too ^_^

okiegirl8132 years ago
Beautiful rings!!! :)
andromedablack (author)  okiegirl8132 years ago
Thank you! :D