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This is a recipe/how to for baking soda shampoo & apple cider vinegar conditioner. This is a super cheap & easy way to "poo-free" your hair.

Step 1: Shampoo Step 1

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Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to an 8oz bottle or spray bottle.
Rayvenlight6 months ago

I am currently using this method, however my baking soda mixture cakes on the bottom and is impossible to fully break apart. I may need to try a smaller ration than 1 Tbs baking soda to 1 cup water.

Otherwise, I am using this everyday (since I can't manage to shower without washing my hair) and it works quite well. My hair does seem a bit more manageable than it did previously.

merfinz3 years ago
So it's really 1 cup water to 16 tblspoons?

Do I have to use it every other day or so?, I usually wash my hair every day, especially when I've been working outside. Will it go wrong to use it daily?
iamkeebler (author)  merfinz3 years ago
Holy crap no! If you use that much baking soda you could dry out your hair. Granted everyone's hair works a bit different. I've actually stop using this in my hair as for me it made my hair terrible. Mainly because I have hard water. But if you really want to try it out, check out this website: http://no-poo.livejournal.com/

There are hundreds of people on that site that use this method to wash their hair and they can answer any question you have. That's how I found out that my hair wasn't reacting the way it should to washing your hair this way. Hope this helps!
thanks, that's a really responsive reply. I was just wandering, my hair is oily (hate it but it's true) and I'm outside a lot (gardening/tinkering/mowing/woodworking) so I get dust and dirt and stuff from the wind. I'll check out the site. Thanks again. :O) LOL on me. I was looking for a natural/cheap way to keep from having to buy so much shampoo for the family.
iamkeebler (author)  merfinz3 years ago
Who knows, maybe this method is the one for you! Good luck with it!
ratio of baking soda to water
baking soda:water
1 cup of water equals 16 tablespoons