Step 3: Molds

Pour the mixture into your molds.  For fun, mix up a few different colors, and swirl them together!  

I used a wooden skewer to level off the tops of the molds so they'd have flat backs.
<p>When I work with Plaster of Paris, I usually put it into a ziploc with the water. It's easy to mix, and really easy for the kids to help me mix it too. When it's mixed, you snip on corner and pipe it into whatever mold you line. Clean up is a snap also - no need to worry about the pipes as it is all thrown out in the bag. </p>
<p>great idea</p>
<p>Would it work on diy chalkboard </p>
<p>Would it work on diy chalkboard </p>
Love this but what else could i use instead of powdered tempera paint???
I would think any water-based coloring agent would work...have used food coloring for homemade playdough... <br>
great work
Great Ible :-), I made something similar for my first baby's room. I used plaster and molds and after it was dry I painted them and siliconed them to the wall.
What a great idea!
Be careful with Plaster of Paris and kids: <a href="http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/schoolgirl-lost-fingers-in-plaster-of-paris-1801591.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/schoolgirl-lost-fingers-in-plaster-of-paris-1801591.html</a>
I agree that had to hurt!!!!
Yah -- The pictures (in a different article on the same story) were pretty nasty too.<br><br>Most people (notably including myself, until I read this) don't realize just how exothermic setting plaster can be.
They could have put here hands in some dirt, to make a mold. Then the TEACHER pours in the plaster of Paris.
That's what they were instructed to do. About halfway down the story is this: &quot;Jo Anderson, prosecuting for the HSE, said the girl had been told by her teacher to put her hands into clay to make a mould.&quot;
If I were her parents I would sue the school
I can not wait to try this with my niece and nephew...they are going to love it! :]
Yay, chalk! Great 'ible! But to make it even better, add... <b> GLOW IN THE DARK POWDER!!! </b>
omg!!! i love doing this it reminds me so much of being a kid! oh and if u want huge sticks of the chalk put plastic on the bottom of a paper toliet roll tube and fill :D thank you
I do sidewalk art. And this will definitely save some money!
This is Great! Thank you for posting this! We go to a kid friendly open jam every week, and usually supply the sidewalk chalk. We can easily go through a big box in one night, so I will DEFINITELY be trying this!
That's great-Thanks for sharing

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