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Introduction: Make Your Own Smartwatch

Today we will be setting up a smart watch and synchronizing it with our phone via Bluetooth Low Energy. Before starting, the proper drivers must be installed to detect the COM ports. These drivers must be installed before downloading any codes from the codebender plugin. The drivers needed can be found here.

Parts Used:

  • TinyDuino Processor(Lithium Support): link
  • TinyScreen OLED TinyShield: link
  • Lithium Ion Polymer Battery: link
  • TinyShield USB: link
  • TinyShield NRF 8001 BLE: link
  • TinyScreen Smart Watch Kit: link

Step 1: Downloading the Smartwatch App

The first thing we must do is download the files for the android application here. On the righthand side you will see download zip, this is the button you want to click. Connect your phone to your computer and make sure it is being seen as a media device and place the file in a folder on your phone. You can also download the .apk file directly to your phone from the link provided or If you have an external memory card you can copy the apk file from github and paste it in the Documents folder on your phone. Now that we have successfully put the file on your phone, we can now install the app.

Step 2: Installing the App

On your phone, you need to go to the settings and check the Unknown sources box. This will allow apps to be installed that are not from the Google play store. Next, go to MyFiles->AllFiles->Device Storage->Documents>Apk. Tap the app-debug.apk and you will be prompted to install the app asking for Bluetooth and notification permissions.

Step 3: Programming the TinyDuino

Build up and connect your TinyDuino to your computer and upload one of the following sketches onto it.

Android Devices:

iOS Devices:

Step 4: Connecting the Watch (iOS)

For iOS devices, go to settings,Bluetooth, and make sure Bluetooth has been turned on. You should see BLEWatch appear if you programmed your smart watch correctly. All that is left to do is to select BLEWatch and pair the devices.

Step 5: Connecting the Watch (Android)

On your phone, open the app you just installed and scan for your watch. Tap BLE Watch and then hit the connect button in the top right corner and there you have it! Just press one of the buttons on the side of the screen to get the watch out of sleep mode and press any of the buttons while it is awake to clear the notification on the screen. The watch enclosure was made by Jason Bannister of Mechanimal.



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    25 Discussions


    3 years ago

    hi ! great work but can we use them if we have'nt Bluetooth ?

    1 reply

    No. You need to connect the phone.

    I am curious as others are, what is this watch capable of besides telling date/time/notification/battery? Specifically I'm wondering if it either comes with a stop watch of sorts or if it can be programmed?

    so I just bought your watch kit at Maker faire ( the BLE board is available) but I am unable to connect to an android device, very much less an apple one( android shows 'BLE watch' but wont pair and apple doesn't see anything). I use an Iphone and you package says it will connect with apple device.

    Any ideas ?

    Hi very nice project.

    Can you explain me what's: TinyShield NRF 8001 BLE: (Coming Soon!) ?

    It's indispensable or we can buy components to try ?


    dear how i purchase all parts coz not avilable in pakistan

    my dream i want evry time make technical things but parts not avilable

    2 replies

    Don't make it stop you! There are many electronic shops that send worldwide. Just check your country's customs duty policy.

    that's a great project, but the instructable is "buy the pieces, connect them and upload the software". Some more detail on the sketch and the apk logic would be welcome

    I am tempted to buy one and port the code to windows phone. As it is I will probably wait until bluetooth is available. I also think it would be cool to use cables to connect each component thereby allowing each one to be in an ultrathin case, each embedded in the top and bottom of the watchband. This configuration may also allow for a second battery.

    If you follow the link to all the parts it looks like it is around $66.80 (without bluetooth). At least at the time I posted this comment.

    Can you post/upload the 3D file for the case?

    Here's another link to both parts and a bundle.

    There is also a ble sheild that you need for it to connect to your phone, it just has not come out yet, but it sould be out soon


    3 years ago

    Hi really nice work! How much do the electronic parts cost?

    What are all the features in this watch? Is this a fitness tracker or pedometer too?