Picture of Make Your Own Snuggie
Now you can make your own Snuggie style blanket with this free pattern! 

Tired of the weird color choices and less-than-plush fabric the commercial Snuggies offer you?
Finally, you can make your own out of any color and pattern you choose! 

I went with super thick leopard print (of course!) fleece.  But with the variety of novelty print fleece on the market, and the ability to change up the colors all you want, you can finally have the Snuggie style blanket of your dreams.

Even though I joked about it at first, I've finally given into the temptation of the Snuggie.  It keeps me super warm during all of my lounging, knitting, reading and internet surfing.  Jealous? I know you secretly are.  And if you're a doubter, it's clear you have not yet enjoyed the sweet sweet embrace of your own custom snuggie. 

It's everything you love about a blanket plus sleeves!

Now, you can make one for kids too.

please save your backwards bathrobe comments for the end.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
This is a great opportunity to repurpose some fleece blankets you have lying around that aren't getting the job done.  You'll want two - one for the body, one for the sleeves.

If however, you don't have fleece blankets lying around and that's why you need the Snuggie in the first place, well, then you're gonna need 3 yards (2.7 meters) of fabric.  That may seem like a lot, but 2/3 of a yard (0.6m) goes into the sleeves.  If you're well over 6' (180cm), you probably want to go with 3 1/2yds (3.2m).

Also, scissors, chalk, a ruler and a sewing machine.  I used a serger for this project, and if you have one, you can either serge of flatlock the seams together, according to you manual.  If you don't have a serger, a straight-up sewing machine is really all you need.  The edges of fleece don't fray, so you don't have to worry about how to treat the cut edges!

If you don't have a sewing machine, don't fret! You can totally sew this by hand.  There are only four seams to sew!

Skrymmorie3 years ago
Loved this! Made two today. Was sooooo fast and easy, I made them both in less than 2 hrs.. I made one in my brother in law's fave football team, and I made one in a pretty zebra print. I used the ovals left over from the armholes, cut the tops off and then sewed them to the front for pockets! Voila! Now I have nifty place to stash my phone, the remote, snacks, etc. Again, totally awesome and loved this. Thanks!!
scoochmaroo (author)  Skrymmorie3 years ago
Kinnishian3 years ago
Just finally finished the one I was making for someone special. :). I rolled the cuffs triple, and added some purple velvet like fabric on the inside of the sleeve (5" near wrist). I also added a yellow trim/fluff to the side on the neck. ANnndd, two leopard 4" stripes on the red material bordering the outside [red was the predominant color]. This was my attempt to make a super-luxury snuggie, and also, my first attempt to use a sewing machine. Your instructable was a surprisingly formative experience for being what a first seems a basic snuggie :p.


[annndd, i'm taking a break from sewing for a while. My marginal additions to the design took me ages and ages to sew.]
sunfaceback3 years ago
Thank You! Turned out Awesome!!!
Today, I saw a commercial for the Snuggie. I thought it was stupid idea, but I couldn’t change the channel because I was under a blanket and I didn’t want my arms to get cold…

Nice work on the 'ible, the OH was looking at buying one. Maybe she'll make one now in her choice of colour, I'm guessing powder puff pink, sigh!
 Hi! I made one of these in my own special way. 

hope you enjoy it!

scoochmaroo (author)  garrett.tillman5 years ago
I just saw your post yesterday and commented on it!
Nice work :D
TomB126 months ago

ive got a better way
Step 1: spend the money you would have spent of fabric on a cheap Dressing Gown
Step 2: put the dressing gown on backwards

sabbiesmom7 months ago

my show shirt snuggi!

sabbiesmom7 months ago

I made a show-shirt snuggi using your Instructable. It was quite the project, but it turned out great.

I may have missed it but I assume you sew up the back seam? Or finish any of the edges? I did make one and it turned out looking great. Also made one for a friend wheel chair bound. I did not sew up the back but put a piece of velcro at the neckline and another about 12 inches down from that so it is open from there down and does not get in the way. I used velcro because it does not bulge and is comfortable to sit against. I tip for using velcro on fleece: Cut a piece of velcro 'soft' the same size as the 'hook' side of the velcro. When it is time to wash the item put the 'soft' piece of velcro on the 'hook' piece and you will not have any velcro 'hooks' attaching to the item in the washer and dryer. Simply remove the 'hook' piece and save it by the washer for the next time. Thanks for the instructions.

sgbd8 months ago
sgbd8 months ago

Super easy! Made this in about an hour from a 90" X 90" queen-sized blanket. I folded the bottom up 30" and sewed up the sides to make a pocket to put your feet in (it also prevents it from dragging on the ground should you wish to wear it while getting up to grab a cocoa :) )
Thanks so much for this!

WAFraggle8 months ago

I made this today for my brother-in-law for Christmas. He has ALS so most gifts are useless since he's unable to move himself. This way he can stay warm and comfortable.

sabbiesmom8 months ago

Thanks for the pattern! I'm about to make a show shirt snuggi!

Thank you so much for this! I now have my own personalized Batman snuggie I could not have bought anywhere! :)
Yes of course! We can customize the snuggie blanket according to our own requirements. Customization of snuggie is one of the better way in order to match our comfort level. We can use any colors, design etc in order to customize our own snuggie.

Good luck for your own customization of snuggie!!

Here is the link that might be useful, Custom snuggie
taluntain3 years ago
how about a make your own forever lazy
I love this! I like how you read a book like the ads!
antonk4 years ago
Nice instructable but i have an easier version.

Step 1. take robe

Step 2. using a simple technique known as "turning" turn the robe backwards

Step 3. carefully apply the robe

That's always been the joke in my home is that a snuggie is just a backwards robe....but I still have to have one
suayres4 years ago
Scooch, you are, inarguably, one of the most creative people on this whole site! I have one of the real deals, and to be honest, it's a piece of, well, junk, let's say (it was a gift). The quality is abysmal, every time you wash it, it generates a large cat's worth of lint. And sleazy? Oh, yeah! Anyhow, thanks for the 'able. I may just have to borrow my daughter's sewing machine!
 making a snuggie in two easy steps #1: purchase robe. step #2: wear backwards. love the infomercial (infeauxmercial?) poses in the pics. great. 

i would like my pattern to make it look like im wearing a tuxedo. cuz it says im formal, but im also here to take a nap
scoochmaroo (author)  justin.jackson5 years ago
I like it.  Make sure you post pictures!
i need to enter the snow contest... so i can get my custom snuggie. WITH tuxedo print. lol
Can I flag this post as awesome?
THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME. A tuxedo snuggie! great idea.
Scoochmaroo, did you get into the playing card pack?
scoochmaroo (author)  FruitbytheFace4 years ago
I sure did! Did you get a pack?
No, not yet.
I have a cheep store bought snuggie that I won in a Yankie Swap. I don't like how far apart the arm holes are as it leaves too much material up front. I'm sure it was made with the heaviest Americans in mind. I also don't like how it is just long enough for me to trip over if I walk around, but short enough that my toes never stay covered.

I still like the snuggie but here are a couple improvements I would like to see:
1) A pocket in the bottom where I can stick my toes so they always stay covered.
2) Elastic sewn up the front so when I remove my toes and get up the fabric lifts up high enough that I can walk around. The snuggie bottom could be tapered so that the edges don't drag when you walk around either. A draw string or snaps at the corners could also be used to lift the snuggie up out of the way.
3)A neck snap or button to hold snuggie on while walking around

One day I might have to get out the sewing machine and fix up my snuggie as it is here to stay.
cg155 years ago
i now plan on making one of these. it shall be black. and i shall add a hood for when i wear it backwards to look like a harry potter character.
How are you going to deal with the hood in front when you wear it snuggie-style?
i actually use the hood as a handy pocket for my ipod, phone, remote, whatever i need to keep close at the time. also, if your room gets extremely cold at night as mine does, it does an excellent job of keeping your face warm.
Pumpkin$5 years ago
The Snuggie cult is growing in power... WE MUST END IT  NOW!! XD
mrange Pumpkin$4 years ago
It's such a great gift for the comedian in your life though! I bought a leopard print one for my best guy friend as a joke. Cheap too! ; )

It's not as bad as Crocs though, people took that 100% seriously and wore those God-forsaken hideous things! What the hell!!!?
Lul as you must, but this is no laughing matter. The time machine already failed, cause they are here... We must end it in the present!!
cedwa5 years ago
Great Instructable.

I just finished making one for my girlfriend yesterday. We went to the local material shop and I let her pick a print of fleece, then brought it home and put it all together will a few little modifications to suit.

Oh that was the first time I have even sewn in my life too! I practiced on a pair of old shorts for about 30mins before I started and my girlfriend showed me the basics then I was finished the snuggie in around two hours.

She's happy it has baby giraffes on it...
best. boyfriend. evar.
heypaula5 years ago
Awesome! I already have a snuggie and LOVE it, but this is great. :)
seabananers5 years ago
snuggies are real weird cuz have you seen the commercial there at the base ball game they look like some demented clan
amen to that. there is no chance that many people would have snuggies. its just a backwards robe!
FFVIIBOY5 years ago
Man the snuggie uys TOTALLY stole my idea a few months before snuggies came out i wuz in my room reading in bed it wuz cold and i said to my mom i wish these blankets had holes in them or sleeves and she said "thats ridiculus" but look where we are now!
Robot Lover5 years ago
Don't wrry, we all know you would not cut a wobbly edge on a piece of fabric

(those darn fabric store workers!!) :)
StarKidChen5 years ago
 I'm making one for a friend who's really short, only like 5 feet, if that. Will it still work if I only have 2 yards of fabric and make the sleeves a little shorter? The fabric store only had 2 yards... :/
 While I am excited about the snuggie, I am more excited that you are reading a copy of one of the greatest books to ever exist, "Giraffes? Giraffes!"
I was also more excited by the presence of Giraffes? Giraffes! than the snuggie.  ^_^  (Not that the snuggie isn't nifty... Giraffes--and books about Giraffes--are just inherently more exciting that sleeved blankets)
scoochmaroo (author)  jessyratfink5 years ago
I was really really hoping someone would recognize the book.
While not a big fan of Snuggies, I have been thinking about making one for some time now.  I find it funny that all the people are commenting about the back being open when the purpose of a snuggie is so you have a blanket covering your front to keep you warm, while leaving your arms free for other things.  I find that wrapping a blanket around your back while in a chair doesn't keep your front warm, and wrapping a blanket around your front doesn't allow for your hands... thus the snuggie was invented.  Just don't walk around in it.  Thanks for the 'ible... am going to try as soon as I can clear a path through the snow to my basement sewing machine! :)
I've always found snuggies to be silly. There's nothing new abut them or their design  , their robes you wear backwards.
My daughters received them for Christmas, and love them. I tried one several times and find them irritating to wear. If you need to move around, it's impossible to keep the back (or front, if you wear them like a robe) closed . The chest area flops down leaving you exposed. Several family members swear by them, yet I observe them contently tucking them up under their chin. I chalk the snuggie crazy up as the "Pet Rock" of the new millennia.
Give me an old, reliable comforter any time.
gigocorp5 years ago
I've been trying to convince my daughter to put up an 'ible on the special snuggie she made me for Christmas. Our dogs like to burrow under the blankets we use while watching TV so she made me a snuggie with a huge pocket on the front that the dogs can burrow into. We call it "Dog Pockets" and say it to the tune of "Hot Pockets". And yes, we are easily amused. :]
That is hilarious and wonderful.
KnexFreek5 years ago
 nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great job scooch!!
Also my dad got me that camera for christmas!!!! I love it!! Thanks :D
tjmax1395 years ago
nice where do u buy them or order them
kibbler5 years ago
I would do this, but i don't need it. Although Snuggies offer inferior fabric, the company brookstone offers a "Nappie," the exact same thing, for 40 dollars. And trust me it is very warm and comfortable. =P
b1russell5 years ago
Really, really cool!  I want one - no, two - no, three!  But my honey is all hot for footies - you know, like the old (am I giving my age away - again?!?!?) footie PJs, minus the top, and without the neck-to-ankle zipper (our family has a BAD history with those - "Don't hurt me this time, Mom!").  Sort of, I guess, like fleece sweat pants with socks (fleece, of course) attached.  Got an 'Ible for that, hmmm?  Please?
At first these 'ible seemed somewhat confusing to me.  It could be because I've never really done any real sewing before.  However, after staring at it for a while, I think I've managed to decode most of it. 

As a "bonus" this discovery process produced a pdf that I think will generate that 6-inch by 9-inch elliptical armhole pattern.  I haven't tried it out on anyone else's computer yet, so that's why it is (hopefully) attached to this comment.

For anyone who does print it out, be sure to measure the dang thing to check if it's the right size, before getting out the scissors.

Jayefuu5 years ago
Congrats on getting on Lifehacker Scoochmaroo! Unfortunately they forgot the link to your ible :(

Jayefuu Jayefuu5 years ago
(It's fixed now)
DAND5 years ago
 Join the snuggie cult!!! x)
Toxicity5 years ago
These things remind me of cult robes for some reason.
Mehehehful5 years ago
I got a snuggie before seeing this 'ible. I tripped and fell because my snuggie was too long for me to walk in, then giggled at the fact that if I fell and could not get up (for example while my wearing as seen on TV snuggie) I could use life alert (as seen on TV). xD
antoinem5 years ago
Ahoi there!!
Could we please get the measurements in metrics too??
Love this stuff - very practical.
scoochmaroo (author)  antoinem5 years ago
You got it! I'll include it in the instructions.
msthimble5 years ago
Scooch, I love your snuggie instructable.  You did a great job explaining-I am a  patternmaker in the garment industry, that is my professional opinion.  I did not see what width of fleece you used.  Please advise?  I look forward to more Instructables from you!
scoochmaroo (author)  msthimble5 years ago
Cool, I've been a patternmaker in my time as well.  It's one of my favorite things to do!
I purposefully didn't include the width of the fabric, because I didn't want anyone to be concerned about finding 'just the right thing.'  Mine came in 60" wide, which was ample.  I don't know if fleece comes in 45" widths, but even that would work out just fine.  So it's pretty much whatever goes!
Great question, thanks!
floryzzz5 years ago
 Ik just bougt one becouse it was only 7 euro's ( 11.17 US dollars)
not from a homeshopping program but just in the store  
at the homeshopping program they ar 30 euro's in mij county (41.90 US dollars)

bigpig5 years ago
Great ible! But what about those Chinese four-year-olds that this will put out of work? BTW, your handle is adorable!
l8nite5 years ago
I like the full collar on yours, not sure if its original or not but it looks warm.  The whole open in the back part of these things just don't work for me, what I'd really like is something like a monks cassock made of some warm material, long enough to cover your feet when sitting but easily hiked up to allow walking... now if I could just find 10yds of material and someone who knows how to sew...... 
 Just sew the back seam closed and climb in from the bottom!  TA DAAA!  
LionessQB i like the way you think. bec if you didn't ur back would get cold esp if u like to walk around n keep warm.
hammer98765 years ago
For all those people who think the snuggie is simply a bathrobe turned around: I have never seen a bathrobe that was seven feet long, i.e., long enough to keep my feet covered. I guess if I wanted a couple of pockets, I would have to cut a couple of squares off the bottom outside edges. Hi ho, hi ho, it is off to the fabric store I go! 
djsc5 years ago
This is a similar thing:
you've started a whole new genre of clothing/furniture, I want one.
Grathio5 years ago
Looks great!  In fact as I'm sitting here it gave me an idea--mostly because I'm sitting in a pile of foam shavings from a project I'm working on (shaping foam with a rotary tool and a rasp).  I think I need to make something very much like this simply to keep the mess under control.  I even have a spare dropcloth I could make it out of.  I could call it a ... Smockie!

troyml Grathio5 years ago
That's a brilliant idea.
Now that I think about it, I've seen children wearing something similar for daycare crafts, I just never thought to scale it up to something I could use.

My vacuum cleaner thanks you.
Hello Kitty5 years ago
Awesome! Totally going to try this (if I can find some cheap fleece :-)! But you're not saving it for the 'sew warm' contest?
scoochmaroo (author)  Hello Kitty5 years ago
I'm not sure when that contest is going to start or what the cut off for entries will be.  But since I'm staff here at Instructables, I'm not eligible for a win anyway.  Bummer, cause I do know what the prizes are going to be!!
Ouch!!! That totally stinks!

,, so,  you got the inside track for us? (I'm kidding, of course:-) ,,
Whoops, little letters didn't work :-(. wonder why. . . )But oh no! my secret plan to find out what's coming didn't work! Now I'm ruined!
My grandmother made one of these a while ago, soon after the commercials aired. She made mine green with a big pocket on the front, so it can hold my iPod or other things.
HollyHarken5 years ago
I have been looking at the Sugglie at the store and trying to figure out how to make one.  I saw a diagram in a catalog and so I sort of knew how to make one.  Thanks for the great instructable on how to make my own.  Now if I could just find my cutting table under the piles... 

What is the best way to close up the back so it isn't open to the air?  I'm thinking that sewing up the back seam will make it nice and warm.  You can just slip it over your head.
kyzla5 years ago
scooch you never fail to make me smile!

thoug it's a bit late, my husband was forced to buy me one for christmas. and it's already leopard printed.
but it's not quite big enough to go all the way around the back of me and wrap nicely (i like snug)... VOILA! i will tweak your 'ible and make a new one that is perfect.

out of zebra print. :) ya know... to match.

I have to admit, I was kind of hoping this 'Ible would be:

Step 1: Buy a bathrobe.
Step 2: Put it on backward.

You've done a good job recreating the magic. Well done.
HA!  Too funny!

I wear a hoodie backwards when I want to stay warm.  I really don't like my legs covered.  The hoodie keeps me warm and I can hide behind the hood during scary movies.  =)
There are no 'ibles on making bathrobes, so I plan on making this snuggie and then wearing it backwards.  But no one must know my secret!  :D
Oh frozen winter... do your worst... for my snuggle and I will do ours!

Thanks for the 'ible. Really clear (encouraging me to make)...

PS I love seeing what is on other people's book shelves... like a window to the soul... fun books
SinAmos5 years ago
The infection of snugalitous continues.:)
Arrgh! You beat me to the punch. Oh well, yours is nicer than the one I did anyway....
Excellent work! Let those who are too cool for the Snuggie shiver while we mock them from our position of fleecy warmness.
Macarena5 years ago
I was waiting for the day someone made an instructable about a snuggie...
matthewabel5 years ago
 I thought this might be a giant crochet version, but am still quite impressed.
vdojenn5 years ago
This is great! I'm not a fan on the colors the snuggie comes in, so now I can actually like what I'm wearing, thanks!
firehiker5 years ago
I made mine by wearing my bathrobe bakkards. ;^)
Just kidding. this is cool because you can make it out of whatever fabric/pattern ya like! =)