Introduction: Make Your Own Solar Lantern

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Here's an easy project you can do in a few hours converting an old Kerosene Lantern into a Solar Lantern featuring a red glowing ambient effect.


Old Kerosene Lantern
1 High Brightness Red LED
Bubble Wrap
1 Solar Lawn Light

Step 1: Find an Old Lantern

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Find an old latern and remove the lid. Use your dremel to cut out an opening for the solar panel.

Step 2: Tear Down the Solar Lawn Light and Replace LED

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Take apart the Solar lawn light. It's going to need to fit into the lantern so cut off all the parts you don't need so you're just left with the panel, battery holder, and LED light circuit.

De-solder the white LED and replace with the high brightness Red LED.

Step 3: Mounting the Solar Panel

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You'll most likely need to use your Dremel to shave off the sides of the solar panel to get it to fit inside the Solar lid. Use an adhesive of your choice to secure the panel to the lid, I used epoxy puddy.

Step 4: Put Everything Together

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Stuff in the battery with the red LED into the base of the lantern. Also stuff in some bubble wrap in the lantern to diffuse the red LED light. The bubble wrap or something equivalent to diffuse the red LED light makes all the difference in the effect so be sure and not skip that step.


zazenergy (author)2011-08-30

Cool! That actually sounds pretty easy. Thanks for sharing this!

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