Make Your Own Solar Panel With LEDs





Introduction: Make Your Own Solar Panel With LEDs

In this instructable, I will show you how to make a solar panel with LEDs. In my previous instructable, I have shown you how to Generate some voltage from LED. And now, it is time to make a solar panel.

Step 1: Materials

1. Connector

2. 4-5 LEDs

3. Mutimeter

Step 2: Connector

You should get the special type of connector as shown in the image.

Step 3: Attach an LED

Now, Attach an LED with any polarity in any way on the connector. Just keep in mind, you will be doing series connection here.

Step 4: One More

Attach one more LED on the other side as both the sides in connector are connected. Take care of the polarity.

Step 5: Attach All

Now, connect all the LEDs keeping in mind the polarity.

Step 6: Multimeter

Connect the multimeter.

Step 7: Adjusting

Now, adjust the position of LEDs so that all of them can get the light in equal amount.

Step 8: Light

Keep it very nearer to the light source and you will notice the increase in voltage.

You can keep it in sun but it is advisable to keep near the high wattage Light Bulb.



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This is a very interesting project. I have several damaged EXIT signs I can experiment with, they have many LEDs on a large PCB board. I will keep you posted.

Thanks for the great idea


what is the best LED color to generate power, or the color of LED doesn't matter ?

I actually tried this with just one LED and got +1.6 volts. So with the proper set up you should get same voltage times the number in the series string. And I got the best output outside in sun light. JMHO

i also got same results with one led but I when I connected it with calculator it doesn't work. And in this arrangement of solar panel I got 15v!!!!!!!!! HORRIBLE

For a device like this you should measure the power not just the volatage. Voltage is much easier than power.

Hello man, this connector is not available easily in my area so that I have to specify it as SPECIAL. And this is the experiment didi by me.

why is it advisable to have it by the light bulb?

because solar light is not focused at all one place you have to use the magnifying glass