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Introduction: Make Your Own Stickers

About: Basically Im a 19 year old kid from New York that graduated high school and decided to spend my gap year studying religion in Israel. I love to do all of the things listed above. Any questions, PM me.

Do you ever have something you want to decorate with stickers, but the stickers you find in stores are either really lame or used by everyone? If so, then this Instructable is for you. You can design your own stickers and have them ready for sticking in minutes. In addition to that, all of the supplies you need for creating up to thousands of stickers costs less than $15. So follow this simple Instructable and you will be a sticker making pro in no time.

Step 1: Design Your Sticker

Your first step is to come up with an idea. Once you have a cool idea for a sticker, take a pen or marker (or anything else for that matter) and draw your design on the label paper. This is the hardest step.

Step 2: Cut 'er Out! (Round 1)

Now that you have your sticker design on paper, its time to cut it out. For this part, just cut out the picture in a square. You should not cut any curved lines because it will be really be annoying for the next step. Obviously if the picture takes up the entire page, you do not need to cut anything out.

Step 3: Laminate It!

In this step you will laminate your sticker to give it a glossy finish and make it waterproof. This step is extremely important because it will change your drawing from a weird label into a sticker. The way you do this is you take your sticker and put it on a flat surface and carefully put a piece of clear packing tape over it. If on your first time you get creases in it, dont get discouraged- It takes practice to get thetape on just right.

Step 4: Cut 'er Out! (Round 2)

Now you are ready to cut out your sticker into its final shape. If you want to, obviously you can leave it a square. It usually looks nicer, however if you decide to cut it out as shown.

Step 5: Stick 'Em

Now is the fun part. Stick your stickers wherever you want! Here I have some of my better ones Stuck on my sketch book. You can put them up in public places (check legality). A lot of graffiti artists make stickers and put them up too. Make Stickers for special occasions. Give them to your friends. And most of all: ENJOY!



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    how did you make it stick?

    These pictures were taken in Israel. The thing that says "14" refers to New Israel Shekel (roughly 1/4 of USD). Also, I'm not even sure what that can is. But very observant of you!

    its says under $15 why is there a $14.95 spray can?

    Is there an alternative to label paper?

    I don't see why not!

    Just don't wipe your fingers all over the paper like a noob

    Im really happy that you guys liked my instructable. If you'd like to, I encourage you to vote for it in the "Pocket size' Contest. Also, if you have any specific questions or sugestions please feel free to private message me.

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    You should think about putting a materials list before drawing. Add label paper, writing utensil, packing tape, and scissors. Other then that, awesome.

    Magumbo and Grunger, You can use any sort of label from an office supply store. I had leftover CD labels and used them to make stickers. Also, if you don't want to draw something you can glue (with rubber cement) a design, that you have cut out, to the label paper and then follow through with the other steps. - Punkinpie

    what is label paper??

    can you add diferent colors to???

    hey cool instructable, um after u laminate it, u sorta have a shape wraped in tape, so how do you stick that to ur watever, do u use glue or do u have a way of leaving tape on the edges or sumthin, sorry if its obvious hahah

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    Well you need to draw your picture on Sticker paper. it is paper that comes with an adhesive backing.

    thanx lol, i read it like 10 times and missed the "label paper" part, u thought u were using normal paper

    hahah label paper, never mind,

    do you know where to find label paper?? if you could tell me i would greatly appreaciate it thx grunger

    Really nice tutorial! The only thing I'm missing is: the problem with real stickers vs home made ones is that the home made ones tend to fall off after a while. What do you use to make them stick and stay there (like any other sticker will)? What kind/brand of glue? Something else?

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    If you want to REALLY make them stick, google wheatpaste. The stuff is homemade and is used by tons of graffiti artists for projects like this.

    I like wheatpaste