Step 3: Add Spring and (optional) Cover

Place the spring over the thread stock, so it’s resting on the top of the backer nut. The spring will provide a bit of resistance to swiveling the sensor, it isn’t necessary. It would feel a lot looser without it though.
I also put a small section of flexible tubing to cover it, this is purely cosmetic. The tubing needs to be cut a bit shorter than the spring. When you tighten this to the rod, the spring will compress and eliminate the gap.

i like how the kinect is almost as big as a wii. <br><br>Seriously awesome project man.
PS3 and xbox, nice and its the older one by the looks of it. i have both too, ps3 older version so i can play ps1 and 2 games and then a black xbox elite
I care why you wanted a swivel mount.

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