I LOVE this DIY Project!

You can create your own design from
magazine clippings, photographs, or anything else you can think of using!

Step 1: What You Will Need

What You Will Need:
Iron-on Transfers (Found at any Office Supply Store)
Sheet of Printer Paper
Hard Surface to iron on
Mod Podge or Elmers Glue
Magazines, Photographs, etc.

If you do not have a scanner you can do this project with a photo/design from the internet. If you choose to do this skip down to the step where you print your design.

Light Colored Shirts need Iron-on transfers for Light Fabric
Dark Colored Shirts need Iron-on transfers for Dark Fabric
*Iron-on Transfers for Dark colored shirts are more expensive*
I was just looking at screen printing the other day to create my own shirts but didn't want to spend the couple hundred dollars for all the supplies. Thanks! I totally didn't think of this!
This is why i looked it up i never thought of it either!!! I was surprised when i seen it!!!
<p>How long do these last? Any tips for keeping the transfer from flaking off? I used to do this a little bit in high school, and I noticed they didn't last long at all... but then again, that was back at the turn of the century, and the quality of the transfers may have improved since then, lol... I'm just wondering because I do my laundry at a laundromat and it can be rough on gentler clothes. Should I be washing and drying these by hand or will they be okay with like a cold-water wash and low heat dry? </p>
Great question! Washing and drying these by hand will keep the image solid for longer. I noticed that too, when washing them at the laundry mat, my transfers were getting beat up! I started hand washing mine and they tended to last longer. Thanks for checking out the tutorial!
So this is all of it!?! Wow! I wanted to create only 2 shirts 1 for me and 1 fir my friend on the vampire diaries and i ddint want to spend like $50 and i had to order about 6!!! And i thought it was stupid!!! So now i can do these and just send em in the mail quicker! Thanks so much!!!
<p>I am going to try to cover a whole dress with newspaper clippings using this technique :) Hope it works out</p>
<p>does it have to be a white t shirt??</p>
Hey there! It doesnt have to be a white shirt, but the end result will look better with a lighter colored or white shirt. Have fun!
<p>Hi Cool tutorial I will share in pinterest if ever need plain t shirts at visit www.occasionprints.com</p>
<p>will this work on morph suits</p>
lovin thisssss
am I missing something? I like the shirt, but is this really just an instructible of how to do an iron on t-shirt?<br>
Well, Yes and No.<br><br>This tutorial shows you how to turn a collage you made into an iron-on for a shirt. I also added how to put the iron-on on the shirt to make it a complete tutorial. <br><br>Thank you for looking!<br><br>:)
Hipsters... eheh just kidding! It's very nice.
Wonderful!!! Thank you :)
Very cute! I love iron on transfers.

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