Picture of Make Your Own T-Shirt Art
I LOVE this DIY Project!

You can create your own design from
magazine clippings, photographs, or anything else you can think of using!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
What You Will Need:
Iron-on Transfers (Found at any Office Supply Store)
Sheet of Printer Paper
Hard Surface to iron on
Mod Podge or Elmers Glue
Magazines, Photographs, etc.

If you do not have a scanner you can do this project with a photo/design from the internet. If you choose to do this skip down to the step where you print your design.

Light Colored Shirts need Iron-on transfers for Light Fabric
Dark Colored Shirts need Iron-on transfers for Dark Fabric
*Iron-on Transfers for Dark colored shirts are more expensive*
kashelu3 years ago
I was just looking at screen printing the other day to create my own shirts but didn't want to spend the couple hundred dollars for all the supplies. Thanks! I totally didn't think of this!
This is why i looked it up i never thought of it either!!! I was surprised when i seen it!!!
So this is all of it!?! Wow! I wanted to create only 2 shirts 1 for me and 1 fir my friend on the vampire diaries and i ddint want to spend like $50 and i had to order about 6!!! And i thought it was stupid!!! So now i can do these and just send em in the mail quicker! Thanks so much!!!
Silver LP 3 months ago

I am going to try to cover a whole dress with newspaper clippings using this technique :) Hope it works out

Gymnastics1005 months ago

does it have to be a white t shirt??

HomemadeisBetter (author)  Gymnastics1005 months ago
Hey there! It doesnt have to be a white shirt, but the end result will look better with a lighter colored or white shirt. Have fun!

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brifodera1 year ago

will this work on morph suits

olivenizzle3 years ago
lovin thisssss
am I missing something? I like the shirt, but is this really just an instructible of how to do an iron on t-shirt?
HomemadeisBetter (author)  TJSonOfAnder3 years ago
Well, Yes and No.

This tutorial shows you how to turn a collage you made into an iron-on for a shirt. I also added how to put the iron-on on the shirt to make it a complete tutorial.

Thank you for looking!

tcoimbra3 years ago
Hipsters... eheh just kidding! It's very nice.
Wonderful!!! Thank you :)
Very cute! I love iron on transfers.