Picture of Make Your Own Tardis Door
Before I start I have to give credit to this Instructable here that gave me the idea for this project. That Instructable however is just pictures, so after making my own, I thought I'd make a step-by-step instruction so all of you DIYers can make your own Tardis doors or rooms. I didn't have the necessary items to build an entire Tardis, but I thought this alone would add some interesting depth to the room.

* Tape Measure
* Steel Square
* Ruler
* Painters Tape
* Paint (Black, White, Blue. I used "Captivating" 24-14 by Pratt & Lambert, but use your discretion to what color you want)
* Paintbrushes (1", 2")
* Newspapers or Dropcloth 
* Screwdrivers
* Pencil
* Sharpie
* Eraser
* Printer
* Exacto Knife or sharp blade

Step 1: Measuring!

Picture of Measuring!
I was able to find a diagram online of a full Tardis' dimensions, but I needed to scale it down to the size of my door, so after some calculations I came up with this. The decimals were because I had to scale it down, but for the not so simple ones I added the fractions. For reference, my door was 79 in x 28 in. Feel free to scale this up or down to the size of your door. 

* Printer
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lolly1066819 days ago

thank you so much for this it is amazing can wait until i make it and add it into my room!!!

james.balla.3 made it!4 months ago

thank you!

james.balla.34 months ago

Dude you rule, thank you one very happy daughter. http://c3management.com.au/tardis_door.jpg

tardismaster7 months ago

OMG I want to make this so much. You are cooler then a bowtie.

You, sir, are cooler than a bowtie. These instructions are really amazing. Thank you!!

Love it! I need to do this on my son's bedroom door!

I love this!!!!!
playtemple12 years ago
Awesomeness!!!!!!!!! (-8
the_kcar2 years ago
A minor note, for apartment dwellers and other renters: I've seen amazing drawings rendered on butcher paper and plain sheets hemmed and hung. Applying a dry poster to a door is perfectly acceptable to your rental/lease agreement, I'm sure. And I know a few Whovians who will LOVE this 'ible :)
A simple quarter inch sheer of Luan cut to the size of the door, with some form of hanger attached to the top and sides bent at 90 degrees would allow damage-less attachment similar to those over the door hangar doohickies to do this for an Apartment dweller. you would logically need one on each side to prevent sway and one or two on the top either centered (one) or one near each corner, and notch it for the door handle.
Will the doorknobs still fit with this on? Sounds like a great idea. I was thinking of canvas, but I like your idea best. Then the Tardis can travel with you!
Doorknob would fit, if notched. If you use something cloth-based, you can set up fold-seam that can be resealed later. Luan, though, would be better for durability, but might be a one-door-fit...tricky. Hard to say.Weighted base for a curtain was what I'd seen.
Being a Dr. Who fan I have seen many Doors done int he Tardis theme, this one is exceptionally well done.
It is Huh? Same here, this one fooled me. I thought the panels were real when I first looked and it, and the signs & such. <3 sweet
dad_a_monk2 years ago
 I have seen a LOT of sites and projects reference this sign with Immediately misspelled. Here's a link to a correctly spelled and layed out Police Telephone Box Sign 

I know I didn't say it, although with this project it doesn't really need to be said, THIS INSTRUCTABLE ROCKS!
Ya Boy!! LOVE This. Want. To. Make... I wish I could time-travel to a place where I had the time, but this will def go on the bucket list <3
Robnelson2 years ago
I think you meant to say "Take off the doorknob with your SONIC screwdrivers." right?  You cannot build a TARDIS with a regular screwdriver.
A sonic screwdriver won't work. The door is made of wood.
great answer...
SuzyMac2 years ago
OMG!!! I am twelve again! Putting this on canvas to make it apt friendly!!!
Thanks for the gorgeous technique! The one spot I seem to have missed was the wash you may have put on after the initial blue? Imma go look at it again...
Howder19512 years ago
have I got a place for this!. What a great instruct able, well done!
lgrenbek2 years ago
My daughter is a whovian!! When she saw it, she went speechless ( rare moment). We decided to make this.
Thank you very much for instructable!!
Great idea and instructable!
DualPhase2 years ago
Good project. Simple yet looks good.
ChekWriter2 years ago
Excellent idea. Wish that I owned my door to do this. WIll keep your link for future use.

Thank you for great instructions.
Cstukane (author) 2 years ago
Thanks all for the positive feedback! Glad to know I've inspired some more projects from you all. I'll fix the sign now, and any other notes or suggestions are always welcome.
bbbreit2 years ago
Outstanding project! At a glance, the police telephone sign looks great, but be careful... Immediately is spelled wrong on it!
Super, gonna do it.
sibu2 years ago
Pantone 2955c is called Tardis Blue for anyone that wants to do this, which, if I didn't live in a apartment, I would be doing in a heartbeat. Well done!
Thanks for the tip!
This is BRILLIANT! I think I will do this for my boys' door. They will treasure it!
who1buffy2 years ago
great project. uber cool!
cheffy12 years ago
this is perfect timing. we are planning a Dr. Who inspired dinner at the school where I work. there are double doors leading into the dining room. I'm now thinking of covering them with paper and following your painting instructions.
dwebb52 years ago
I love it <3 The TARDIS landed in my living room, but it's stuck in the wall!
askjerry2 years ago
I really like this... at first I didn't realize it was a flat door painted to look like panels. Nicely done, and a great instructable too.
captinvidio2 years ago
EXTANT and fun to do
TampaGeek2 years ago
If only my wife would let me do this to the door out to the garage... maybe someday. In any event, very nice job!! I love the shading technique you used.
rafagames2 years ago
Does the screwdriver need to be sonic?
I'll put this door on my tv-show-room, when I have one :D
Cool project!
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