Make Your Own U3 Programs Using Freeware





Introduction: Make Your Own U3 Programs Using Freeware

In this Instructable were going to build U3 programs using the freeware program Package factory by

Step 1: Getting Files

What you need:
Package Factory
File to turn U3 ( i recemend a program from Here)
A U3 compatible drive (Im using a sandisk cruzer micro 1GB)
and a Windows XP computer

Time to complete
Around 5 minutes*

*Including download time

Step 2: Begin Creating

So you've got package Factory now install it to any location, but for the program your turning into U3 install that to your desktop ( we need the program files). You will also need to make a new folder on youre desktop. This new folder is were the EXE, DLL, and resource files ( pics and images used by program) will go.

Step 3: Making a Simply U3 Program

A simply u3 program is made by using a program that is basically just a EXE file No dll's or resources.
the simply program im using is called freeride, it has an exe and a folder containing the resources.
If you end up with a complex program ( a program that has at least 2 dll's and resources) copy the dll's,the EXE, and the resources used by the program( that means pics and code used by the program when running, like how gimp uses pics for different brush shapes)


ok so the files all ready now just drag and drop the files into package factory, give it a name and a description, and click make and save were ever you want and your done!

Step 5: WARNING!!!

In the package factory program files there is a folder called cache, the folder saves all the U3 installer files made by package Factory, so if you installed it on your pen drive you'll have all the installer files coped on the pen drive.

The programs made by Package Factory have a Horrible uninstall feature, meaning the wont uninstall correctly and you'll have to sometimes delete them manually.

Also this is my first instructable please comment.....



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upload it to VirusTotal and that service will scan it using a multitude of antivirus programs and signature updates

I don't get what this does all I do is Install the program onto an SD card and just put it into a computer.

I had a 2g cruzer but i just killed U3. instead i went with portable apps ( i like it better because they have better programs and u can easily integrate your own programs into there menu system

good instructable by the way

I have Launchpad disabled and PortableApps Suite set to autorun instead. It boots faster, plus PortableApps run from plain EXEs, so you don't need to convert to U3 or anything. Before I accidentally toasted my U3 I had loads of stuff U3ed: FireFox, GIMP, Office Portable (Thinstalled), Cain & Abel (Thinstalled). Anything portable I could make or get my hands on would be U3ed.

Thanks, I just gone done with another one, check it out


same, but mine is a 8gb. i got it for my birthday, its a really nice usb device.

is U3 a thing that means that you can run programs off your USB drive?good Instructable by the way#