Picture of Make Your Own USA Passport Picture
Say no to unsatisfactory, expensive passport pictures!

Many people hate their passport pictures because they are too embarrassed to ask the photographer to re-take it. I like to have control over how I look on my passport, so I take it myself.

Walgreens charges $11.99 for a set of two passport photos taken by the clerks. For a dollar, you can take your own nice pictures, and get four passport pictures printed from Walgreens. You can tweak your "neutral facial expression and both eyes open" smile until you are completely happy with it. After all, a passport lasts 10 years! So make it a good one.

Making your own passport picture is fun, quick and easy, and it saves you money. This step-by-step instructable with detailed pictures shows you how.
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Step 1: Tools

Tools you need: 
  • A camera to take a picture of yourself, if you don't already have one.
  • A computer with internet connection and a browser that supports Flash.
  • A pair of scissors to trim your pictures to size.
nbenson11 year ago
Not sure about USA but in Australia it's now illegal to smile in a photo even on drivers license. :(
cfishy (author)  nbenson11 year ago
Yeah, per the instruction here, "With a neutral facial expression and both eyes open" but I always smirk a little to not look very angry.