Step 8: USB Power Splitter

My wife's car has a USB jack for the radio, but you can also use it for power. I decided to make a power splitter for this USB jack that would only split the power.

I cut off an end from an old cable and removed the molded end. I cut all of the wires but the black and red ones. I soldered these wires to the outermost headers on the circuit board and covered it all in epoxy putty. I had to make sure I was bonding it in the right direction so I didn't end up with the jacks facing down.
<p>I've got an extra iPhone cable and some old motherboards laying around. Would it be possible to cobble together a DIY alternative to the expensive $30 Apple Lightning to USB camera adapter? Would it be a straight 1 to 1 link like the one you made from a soldered usb port stack or do you think there are some connectors flipped around inside the cable to get it to work?</p>
Can I make a micro usb splitter? My tablet supports USB host and I have an otg cable, so I can stick a keyboard or a mouse into my tablet, what I want to do is that have a micro usb inserted into my tablet and two slots for micro usb, so I can use an otg cable while my phone charges
<p>it's posibble to split data USB ? if possible, how it can?</p>
<p>As far as I know, it is not possible to split a USB cable and use it for data without something like a USB hub. USB is a funny standard and just because something has ports that would go together, doesn't mean it would work the way you intend. Mobile phones have USB ports, but they lack the hardware to act as a USB server so you can't connect a keyboard to them even if the adapters allowed it. If you are looking to hook 2 smartphones up to a car stereo or some other device with limited ports, the hardware itself only knows how to talk to one device and I wouldn't recommend connecting more than one device to that. My Y adapters are only for power to prevent any issues.</p>
<p>hey, great idea, where can i buy sugru in the united kingdom though?</p>
I don't really know where you can get Sugru in a store, I think it's still easier to buy online. For this project I actually used epoxy plumber's putty which cures rock hard unlike sugru which remains rubbery and flexible forever.
can you make one that has one end like a micro sd?
Interesting idea. Now I'm going to build some neverseen USB adapters. <a href="http://www.howtocore.com/">howtocore</a>.
<br> It is also important to see the version of the <a href="http://www.ethernetsplitterhub.com/usb-splitter/">USB splitter</a>. i.e USB 1.0 or 2.0 or 3.0. Higher the version greater the speed. But it should match with the USB used in the computer or the laptop and the other USB device.<br> I guess USB splitters can also be used as <a href="http://www.ethernetsplitterhub.com/usb-extension-cable/">USB extension cables</a>( To connect USB devices present at a greater distance from the computer)<br>
Ask someone who flies model airplanes and they will tell you that when the flight pack measures 4.8v (ni-cad) it is DEAD, and when fully charged it is 5.5 volts
let us have a moment of silence for all those computers that lost their lives in this build
Nice work.. i hope you win. i kinda wanted to win but i don't really have money to do anything like that.. could only do a tut on running Ubuntu from a flash drive and portable apps... i kinda knew i wasn't gonna win tho cuz even tho i was up for hours working on it, nothing that good ever happens to me. lol. i barely have food to eat.. was hoping i could at least get this.. well anyway enough of my life story nobody cares about.. il vote you up. hope you win =)......
Very nice, I like the use of Sugru to keep it all together. Maybe if you made more you could put textures on the Sugru and not leave the fingerprint, thats my problem with my sugru'd things
Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I didn't think to use Sugru, I think that gives you more working time before it sets up. This was all made with epoxy putty, you can find it in the plumbing section at the hardware store. Epoxy putty cures and hardens like a rock or steel and it only gives you about 2 minutes of working time before it gets too hard to shape it.

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