Step 8: USB Power Splitter

My wife's car has a USB jack for the radio, but you can also use it for power. I decided to make a power splitter for this USB jack that would only split the power.

I cut off an end from an old cable and removed the molded end. I cut all of the wires but the black and red ones. I soldered these wires to the outermost headers on the circuit board and covered it all in epoxy putty. I had to make sure I was bonding it in the right direction so I didn't end up with the jacks facing down.
mahinder3 years ago

It is also important to see the version of the USB splitter. i.e USB 1.0 or 2.0 or 3.0. Higher the version greater the speed. But it should match with the USB used in the computer or the laptop and the other USB device.
I guess USB splitters can also be used as USB extension cables( To connect USB devices present at a greater distance from the computer)