- Cardboard shoe box

- Scissors / X-Acto knife

- 2 45mm biconvex lenses

- 4 strips of Velcro

- Gluestick

Step 1: First, Print Out the Template From the PDF File.

Step 2: Cut Out the Templates on Cardboard With the Scissors (X-Acto Knife for Tight Cuts)

Step 3: Connect the Cut Outs Together

How to put it together:

-Lay out the cut-outs as shown in the picture

-Line up the slits and edges and connect the lens holding cut-out

-When piecing it together the Lens holding cut out should connect in a roll-like fashion

-When connecting the end piece any connective material can be used to hold it together (Magnet, Velcro, mounting tabs or glue)

When connecting the Phone holder cut-out do not use glue as it will lock the phone into the goggles.

Step 4: Download the Cardboard App at Google Play

With the cardboard app you can download many apps designed for 3D or test the goggles out on provided demos.

Apps we suggest from google play store:

-Volvo Reality

-Roller Coaster VR

-Mercedes VR

-Hang Glider

<p>I found them in Amazon. They cost 6 dollars more or less </p>
<p>Go and search on youtube and see how to make that kind of VR lenses.</p>
<p>nice idea</p>
It's amazing
<p>you are a smart person</p>
i made it. thank you very much<br>
<p>does it needed to download the premium to download that pattern?</p>
<p>I mean upgrade :D</p>
<p>its really amazing and working </p>
glass shop has 45mm but simple convex. does it work ?
<p>can i us e 25*45 biconvex lens'</p>
<p>what should be the power of lenses?</p>
4.5 focal length convex lens
<p>can you get the app on iPhone?</p>
no we can't use
Yes search vr apps
Which lens can I use ??
convex lens
<p>must 45 mm??</p>
<p>i have a iphone 5s that would still work right?</p>
<p>What is the ideal power or curvature of the lens?</p>
<p>wow! that is awesome!!</p>
Where can you get lenses? ?
<p>toy binoculars would probably work(check the thrift store, Dollar store, etc.) or worst case, the local bigbox store has fairly nice binoculars for a little more than that amazon link. Some disassembly required. But, you also get a couple extra sets of other lenses, for your parts bin.</p><p>Almost all the lenses will work, just TRY to get the 25mm Objective lenses. that's what google specs in their directions. Because cheap binoculars are almost always the same size, the lenses will be right around the required 45mm focal distance(~1.8 inch from objective lens to eye piece lens). A little larger, or a little smaller, can be compensated by changing the dimensions on your cardboard lens sandwich template.</p>
http://www.amazon.com/AM-CARDBOARD%C2%AE-Biconvex-Cardboard-Diameter/dp/B00LMSHF4I<br><br>I ordered these, and they work brilliantly. The resolution is extremely clear.
Thanks. great job

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