Make Your Own Windex!




Introduction: Make Your Own Windex!

I have always bought windex at the stores and never once until now looked at the bottle in search of the ingredients to their "formula" so why not make my own with essential oils that smell really good!

Step 1: What You Need

To put together your own windex you need:
2 cups of water
2tablespoons white vinegar
A spray bottle (optional)
5 drops *doterra peppermint essential oil

* to get doterra you can go to (

Step 2: How to Make It

To make it pour every ingredient into the water container and mix. Do take notice that the peppermint is an oil and will make the finished material look weird:)
After this pour into your spray bottle (optional) and their is your own windex! (I used a mason jar in replacement for my windex)

Step 3: How to Use

Use it by getting a paper towel or rag and either dipping it in the windex or spraying the windex onto the rag or paper towel and then white your windows and mirrors with it

Step 4: Where to Get Your Peppermint Essential Oil

Thank you for looking:)



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