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Introduction: Make Your Own X-Acto Knife

About: I'm a cool and handsome guy living in mauritius. I'm interested in everything except politics.I've got an incredible talent in Art and Design.

I've noticed that in many instructables,an X-acto knife is needed.But over here,in Mauritius,I looked eveywhere but couldn't find one.So I decided to make my own.In this Instructable I'll show you how to make a really efficient which looks like a real one.

Step 1: Gathering the Supplies

15cm of bamboo(the diametre needs to match to that of the width of the blade),4.5cm length of hose pipe(it needs to fit tightly around the bamboo) and a blade(X-acto blade,scalpel blade,cutter blade etc).

Step 2: Constructing It.

Take the pipe and put it around the bamboo.Make an incision on top of the bamboo.Insert the blade in the incision.Then finally,put the pipe around the blade.Paint it in silver(it makes more real) or any color you want.Here you go.Your own X-acto knife.



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it says right in the opening, where he is he cant find them?

nice one!
now a trip to my drugstore for a scalpel blade (and pretend the patient is still open lol)

$ NAB $, I am impressed at your resourcefulness and inventiveness. You are awesome. Thank you.

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i bought a cheap knife the other week and broke it so img oing to make one of these out of small diameter pipe

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Happy that it helps you

try ebay next time

awsum this methhod to secure the lade probably works better aswell! im from the uk n the closest i can get to an xacto is a hobby knife/scalpel thingy

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my dad has loads of scalpels for free when he used to work for precision engineering they nearly the smae thing anyway

We have those, try an art supplies shop or staples they'll be found near the scissors, not under exacto but it's the same knife and blade.

get a blade from a pencil sharpener and cut the angled top with a dremel... my dad just got a new xacto knife im real jealous and i dont know why... good instructable!

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Ghetto pencil sharpener blade I did that once... might as well just spend 3 bucks on an x acto >.>

i dont even think you would need to angle it, it would jsut be slightly less precise. but anywho who wouldnt be jealous of a brand new exacto? i know i would lol

has anybody noticed how people do the most simple things and we are still amazed its weird like a blade into a stick of bamboo how simple but amazing


Ingenious. A good source for readily available, very sharp (but not the sturdiest) blades would be double-edged razor blades, which you can snap in half along the gap in the middle (but please be very very very careful, otherwise bleeding happens) to get two thin and bendy but undeniably razor-sharp blades.