The finished product is a custom laptop bag for an OLPC XO laptop computer, but these instructions could probably be modified for many portable electronic devices. The bag core is made of high density foam, reinforced with paperboard. The bag is trimmed in polyester belting, has an adjustable strap, and a parachute buckle closure.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

1 yard of fabric ($6.99)
2 pieces of 14"x22" posterboard ($0.78)
1 plastic parachute buckle for 1" belting ($2.29)
1 plastic strap adjuster for 1" belting ($1.29)
3 yards of belting ($2.97)
27" of 1" high density foam ($8.24)
Sewing machine
Needles for hand stitching
Straight pins
Wax paper
Paper glue

The fabric I selected was from the calico/quiltmaking department, but I imagine you could use anything reasonably stable (not lightweight or flowy). Belt color should coordinate with fabric. I used two colors of thread, one to loosely coordinate with the fabric and one to blend in with the belt color. Consider your level of sewing skill if you want to use a contrasting color.
Nice Job!! i like how you make that
So where did you get the foam? We have a Hobby Lobby, so I guess I could start there...
You dont have to restrict yourself to any particular foam...<br>Any shock absorbing material will do, <br>and you can proably find something in the trash somwhere near you.<br>Good luck.... ;-)
I bought the foam at a Jo-Ann Fabrics store. I'd think that any craft or fabric store would carry it. Best wishes!
This is great! Do you think it would work using a yoga mat for the padding?
That's an interesting idea! I had to reread my instructions to see if I sewed through the foam. In step 10, I did have to hand sew through foam. It was difficult. I think it would also be difficult to sew through a yoga mat. If you think you can avoid having to sew through the yoga mat in step 10, I would go for it! Best wishes! If it works out, I'd love to know how it went.
Amazing but haven't made it yet because I don't have a sewing machine anyone think it could be done by hand? and does anyone know where i could get the foamy stuff i don't know cause I live in Australia.
Wow , It looks cool too.
You have done a great work , it is simply super , i am surprised by seeing the way to have made the bag. the pictures are very good .
Sweet kid and nice idea!
Ha! that kid on step one is like, Wuz-up homies!
I know right?! Very adorable :D
I made one over the weekend and it turned out really well. I omitted the posterboard, however, in order to make it washable. My daughter is not known for her ability to keep things clean :) Instead of sandwiching the fabric/foam/board, I sewed the fabric together right sides together and turned right side out while inserting the foam. I then pulled the fabric taught and sewed along the edges of the foam. I then machine sewed the bottom and edges together and turned right side out. The binding covered the raw edge I left open on the lid flap to insert the foam. I also added a second buckle to the front. Looks great! Thanks for the pattern! I can't wait for my xo to get here in two days. . .
How long did it take to make this lovely bag
It does look great! I'm sure your daughter will enjoy it (and the xo)!
Hmm could you use the foam from one of those camping mats it looks vry similar
I am amazed that it doesn't even look homebrew, really great Instructable.
Very nice. I need one for my notebook too. I bought a cheap bag but it is not "crash proof" as yours with the foam in it. Good job.
perfect i hope i find some time to make one for my laptop !!! thx
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Those are SOOO cute!
Dang, I wish I had one of these for College. They're useful, affordable, and look sweet.
So how is said laptop owner doing with his OLPC?
The Instructions are great. Nice job. Just the right size and style for a young person. Something to be proud of.
Great job! Very good pictures, they are very clear. Easy to follow instructions and pictures, it looks awesome.

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