Step 3: Bring milk just to a boil.

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To make a quart of yogurt you will need 4 cups of milk. Any kind will do (yak, cow, goat, nonfat, whole, whatever.) Bring the milk just to a boil while stirring to prevent a surface from forming on the liquid. Boiling innoculates the milk, which eliminates any bacteria that might compete with the yogurt bacteria during the incubation process.
fety8 years ago
"Boiling innoculates the milk" umm no... I think you meant to say Pasteurize, but really it's Sterilize . Boiling milk at 212F gets close to the sterilizing technique. On the other hand, pasteurizing is done at around 160F and is meant to destroy viruses and harmful organisms such as bacteria, protozoa, molds, and yeasts. But not intended to kill all micro-organisms (pathogenic).