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Introduction: Make Your Own Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

This is very Funny.For all of you yu-gi-oh nerds out there.

Step 1: Find the Site

Go to The web site which is

Step 2: Fill in the Data.

Then you have to fill out all of this crud. Atk/Def,Serial Number, attack, and other junk.

Card Information
Card Type: Monster Ritual Fusion Spell Trap Synchro Effect
Attribute: Light Dark Fire Water Wind Earth Divine
Level: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Trap/Magic Type: None Equip Continuous Counter Quick-Play Field Ritual
Card Rarity: Common Rare Super Rare Ultra Rare Secret Rare Ultimate Rare
Picture URL:
Set ID: -
Type: Divine
ATK / DEF: /
Serial Number:

Step 3: Find a Picture.

Go to google images and search whatever you are doing.
Like master chief!!!

Step 4: Press Generate

The title speeks for it's self. At the bottom of the page there is a button that says Generate. Press that. You should get a finished product.

Step 5: Final Steps

You can either print the card from the browser, or copy and paste to a word or publisher document.

Step 6: My Strat Card


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Yes this is the truth and you know it

Yes, it is.

 WRong! Chuck norris isn't dark element He's Chuck-tanium. also, he's not a warrior, He's a Chuck norris.

Jokes, its coolz. XP

Kid, konami can sue you for making fake cards, and then posting how to make them on the internet.

4 replies

They can't and they won't. You very free to make fake cards if you want. Its not even illegal to sell these fake cards. The only thing that is illegal is to sell them under the guise of the real thing. If you convince someone that they are real cards and try to sell them as such, then you are breaking the law.

This instructable has been up since 2008 so I'm not really worried about being sued.


Is there a way that u can create your own Picture? I mean Like create your own image. I just got Photoshop so i wanna use it to create my own pictures.


the site doesent work i cant do any more caardz :(


this is my card

dude i should make one of george bush, hed have an attak of 0 and a defence of -2 .

Oh i found this site a year ago i made so many cool cards around 50 or so but my cousin went on the computer and logged off my file t try and make a file and i forgot my password i made SO many cool cards T_T

i made one of Tony Montana in scarface and also made a ritual card for it

What paper should I print it on if I want it to look real. A link would be nice.

1 reply

use photo paper as it has a glossy finish then all you need to do is cut out the holagarm from one of your cards then stick it on