The 12 Days of Christmas have their roots and inspiration in the 12 Days of Yule. Rather than starting on December 25, Yuletide begins on the Winter Solstice (typically around December 20 or 21). For the past few years, I have celebrated the Winter Solstice (or, specifically, the night before the Solstice which is known as Mother's Night) by crafting something for use in observing the 12 Days of Yule. Last year, I made my own candelabra. It's attractive, but not fancy, so it's relatively easy to make. I'll share what I did, and I look forward to seeing what you make with this procedure.

Step 1: Materials

Before you begin, you need to assemble your materials. Here is what I used:

Pencil -- mark candle positions (already in possession, so cost is $0)

Tape measure -- to measure for candle positions. (already in possession, so cost is $0)

Base -- Two 24" boards form the base of the candelabra. I purchased a  2x4x8 piece of cedar decking from Lowe's for $7.22. I knew I was not going to sand it down, but I was able to select a board that wasn't too rough, and had an interesting wood-grain/knot pattern. Also, I had the board cut into two 24" inch lengths at Lowe's (for free). This gave me 2 boards that were 24" long, 3.5" wide, and 1.5" high. (Note: I'm saving the remaining 4 foot piece for a rainy day.)

Votive holders -- Twelve Round Oak Casters (2") serve as votive holders on the candelabra. I purchased mine from Lowe's: Three 4-packs @ $4.97 each for a total of $14.91.

Liquid Nails -- for adhering the casters to the wooden base (4oz bottle for $2.66 at Lowe's)

Wood finish -- A sealant, coat, or stain to protect your candelabra. I used "Polycurethane" from Michael's at $11.99 for the can.

Felt pads -- These are for the bottom of the candelabra, and they protect the surface on which you place the finished candelabra. I had "Scratch Guard" self-adhesive felt blankets leftover from a much older project so my cost is $0. For you folks keeping taps at home, a similar item is available at Lowe's for $3.99.

Votive Candles -- (not pictured) You will need 12 candles, one for each day of Yuletide. I opted to purchase a 12-pack of unscented votives from Michael's. They were on sale when I purchased them, so I am not sure of the price.

Total material cost (without votives or tax) = $40.77
Looks good, definitely a clever for of casters.
Thank you for checking out my instructable, and for your positive comment!

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