Introduction: Make Your Own IPod Dock

This is a video showing you how to make your own iPod dock out of materials that are either already around your house or come with your iPod. These are great alternatives instead of spending $50 on the Apple Universal Dock.


boom man56 (author)2012-06-16

soooo cool. thanks for the cool idea.

shakavir (author)2011-01-25

Come' on... an Eminem CD? Why???

chilll2009 (author)2010-08-31

awesome! :)

bigt4616 (author)2010-08-17

nice, very creative :D i got a ihome tho and i love it XD

midnitejoker (author)2010-03-03

awesome...but instead of the big scary knifes,try a dremmel....

J@50n (author)2009-12-09


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