Picture of Make Your Room Awesome
Does your room not have enough space? do you wanna get rid of any babyish stuff? or maybe your just tired of the same old thing. boy or girl, I'm gonna help you out.
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Step 1: Painting

Picture of Painting
if your room looks horrible, you should give it a serious paint job. so you can either use the same color or a different color. you could also paint a small portion of it with chalkboard paint. also wrap yarn around the roller for a cool effect.

Step 2: Vacuuming

Picture of Vacuuming
You wanna move all the stuff out of your room, and thoroughly vacuum.

Step 3: Light

Picture of Light
to add more light, try opening the Windows.

Step 4: Space

Picture of Space
it may seem like your room is too small. first, move around your furniture...better? but you're proud of yourself, too for changing things up. now, keep all your drawers and cabinets closed. also, keep your door and your closet doors closed.

Step 5: Decoration

Picture of Decoration
remember, this is your room. if you like sports, you display your trophies. if you like animal, put up pictures. get the idea? Also remember to have fun with it

Step 6: Entertainment

Picture of Entertainment
Get a radio. Maybe a tv, maybe a Wii. just do some cool stuff.

Step 7: Pets

Picture of Pets
pets. pets are a great source of entertainment. but you gotta take care of them, too. I have birds. you can get birds, hamsters, fish, mice, guinea pigs, lizards, snakes, etc. before you ask for them, do your research, and clear a space off.

Step 8: Lights

Picture of Lights
hang some lights on the wall, as this can be pretty.

Step 9: Systems

Picture of Systems
Systems are great. I put a pillow in my bedside table, and put my beanbag in front of it. now I can lean back, and relax. my bedside table also has a drawer. so it took some cup holders that fast food restaurants give you, and put them in there. and not top I have my fan. so do that kind of stuff.
I've actually reminded my room too and took your advice, thanks!

I have a parakeet to!! His name is Blu. What are your birds named?

scientist80 (author)  horsedog543211 year ago
sweetie and kiwi
rudy301 year ago
scientist80 (author) 1 year ago
@nephicarrera u got it

I like your idea for "systems". Could you do some instructables for those?

scientist80 (author) 1 year ago
yes, I'm trying to get a microwave and a mini fridge. gaming posters are a good idea, and every time I don't have money I see them at the store, and then it works the other way around.
mseth20001 year ago
Would have looked better if added a few gaming posters like the skyrim map, also if you added a microwave with a mini fridge for it could be easier to access in a middle of a game
scientist80 (author) 1 year ago
I really hope this helped