Make Your Bike/helmet Reflective!





Introduction: Make Your Bike/helmet Reflective!

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Some people think I'm being too obvious but I'm mostly just throwing the idea out of using reflective material. I, myself, have been hit and been very close to have been hit while riding at night. I ride every day and the nights where I live start at about 5. I use reflective tape and I also use lights while riding my bike. Now, back to the instructable!

This is a great idea if you ride in the morning or evening. The last thing you want is someone to rear-end your bike! So get some reflective material on your bike or helmet so people will see you on the road. 

Step 1: Material

 You can get reflective material either from a bike shop or you can even go to the road dept. and ask for some scraps. Those road signs use very reflective material and they the county usually has scraps of it that they will toss. You can buy either strips of reflective tape or decals from bike shops. The picture below is Nathan Cycling stick-on decals to put on your helmet or bike. It is about 5 dollars from most bike shops

Step 2: Be Seen!

 Not only bikers can use this but firefighters and construction workers use this stuff too.. It's great!



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    i always wanted to do that but i dont find reflective tape here in Costa Rica

    I found a wire loom site that has expandable sleeving that has reflective properties and installed them to all my cable housings. Works reall go and can be seen from about 1/4 mile out.

    Nicely done!

    Did mine too. Also did the helmet but don't have pics of that!


    Improved visibility is a great idea.  You may also want to look into semitransparent reflective coatings.  They can be found in with the spray paints at hardware stores.

    Doesn't seem that original. Seems like you made a bunch of fake accounts to vote for your able. I wouldn't vote for this. I can't imagine that 40 other people did. Sure seems like it's easy enough to make fake accounts to vote for something. I mean, it could work in your favor...

     i'd vote for it its a smart idea he's not a cheat

    40 people isn't that much. 

    Nice work on the instructable. Good luck with the contest!

     I like the idea... 5 stars!