Make Your own "Wire-Keeps" foam wire keepers

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DIY "Wire-Keeps" foam wire keepers made easy. Here's an easy cheap fast way to get customizable cord control.  Perfect for that speaker wire that hangs at your feet under your desk.  I have been repurposing a lot of my interlocking foam rubber floor tiles.  You can get them in many colors, but gray is by far the most popular.  I think gray is the "new black" for foam rubber tile.

I did think of the idea and searched the net and I did find the product available.  As it turns out, making the item is pretty easy!
If you would rather order them I believe you can get them via Amazon for about $7.50 shipped (believe this is for package of 16).

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Step 1: What You Need

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What you need:
  • Foam rubber floor tile material - I used 5/8" thick variety. You won't need much!
  • Double-sided foam tape.  Mine was 1" wide.
  • Utility Knife
  • Drill and drillbit - I used a 1/4 inch bit.

  • Drillpress
  • Papercutter

Step 2: Cut Foam to Size

Picture of Cut Foam to Size
Cut foam into smaller size.  My foam was already 5/8" thick so that dimension is already fixed.  The length of mine was 3 inches long and 1 inch wide.  You can use a utility knife to do this.  Just try your best to keep the cuts nice, neat and square.  I thought I would live on the edge and attempt using a paper cutter.  I had to remove the safety guard.  The mechanism worked but really was not as good as just carefully using a utility knife.  Be sure to put a sacrificial surface below your foam when cutting!

Step 3: Drill a single hole.

Picture of Drill a single hole.
Drill a single hole centered longways down the 3" length foam piece.  See photo.  I used a drill press and some wood blocks to help keep the hole positioned properly.  I was unable to drill all the way through with the drill press (the travel was not long enough).  So I drilled what I could one direction and then flipped the piece over and drilled the rest meeting the holes in the middle. 

I believe you could probably avoid the double drilling by just using a hand-held drill. 

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Soose2 years ago
Thanks for the idea and clear instructions -- great photos! I was looking for ways to get wires contained and organized. I've shared this with several friends. Good job!

I want to make some of these for stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday. Have these held up well? And I'd like to make some larger ones - do you have any ideas for a material?