This is a go kart that I made and hopefully you will be able to as well. I used the back end of a bike and the front axle from a ride on lawnmower. Plus some other pieces of scrap I had lying around.

Before you begin there are some important thing you will need to have:

-Angle grinder (or if you don't have one a hacksaw)
-MIG Welder (this is the most important thing you will need)
-Basic tools (spanners, hammer, sockets, socket drive etc)
-And a lot of space to build the thing!

And remember if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask.

Step 1: Finding a Bike

This part is really the most important thing you are going to have to do in this whole build. Selecting a bike that is suitable for your specifications and requirements is cruicial.

There's really not a lot I can tell you about this except I chose a 1998 Suzuki Katana AY 50 because it was the only one I could get for free (it wasn't running, but I fixed it). I would recomend a bike like this but really any bike will do, as long as it starts and goes.

hey just wondering if it is possible to add another wheel to the back by anychance? cuz i thoink it could be possible to remove the back wheel and add a small bar connected to two wheels with some kind of gear in the mittle or something but im not sure<br />
i guess this would work, although you would have to make some bearing assembly either side to stop the axle breaking in half. you could possibly use the sprocket from the wheel and mount that on the axle, cos then it would be the right leanth and everything. <br />
you cant. I used to have a gy6 engine similar to that. Bacically the clutch, drum brake ad gearbox is all on the back wheel, mounted on an aluminum casing connected to the engine. Its practically impossible to do. THe engine's belt remains engaged all the time, unlike a go cart or minibike clutch. THe belt spins the centripital clutch on the rear wheel's gearbox,and makes it go.
sick bro.
diygokarts.com has plans 'n' stuff
THAT, my friend, is one scary looking monstrosity. . . when do we get to ride it?!<br /> <br /> My only concern would have to be that it is gonna be WAAAAAY too hard to pop a wheelie using that scooter rear-end.&nbsp; We need to find you an old Ninja or something.&nbsp; ;)<br /> <br /> Don't listen to the age discriminators. . . they're just jealous that they're too old to not know any better. :D<br />
Woah- that's pretty cool.&nbsp; I love the low-down dragster styling, and your simple approach to the pedals.&nbsp; I think you'll appreciate <a href="http://www.ironpumacustoms.co.uk/ironpoomas/index.html">Iron Pooma customs</a>, a couple of guys I found on the internet who made a variety of creations from a tiny minibike and a chainsaw-powered BMX bike all the way up to road-legal choppers.<br />
i have just checked that website, those creations at Iron Pooma customs look awsome.&nbsp; <br />
I wouldnt trust that mower front end, there pretty weak
i have recently replaced the mower front bar with a 3 inch peice of scafold tubing, but i have kept the steering unit, and i will publish an instructable for this soon.<br />
very road warrior styled&nbsp; i like it<br />
if you had a bike why would you make it in to a go cart scooters are mad
well some people like bikes better go karts, and some people like go karts better than bikes, it just depends which one you like better. i am also too young to ride a bike on the street, so for me a go kart seemed better.
this looks like it would be insane fun!!

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