Step 4: Exporting as WAV

Picture of Exporting as WAV
Then you press the button you see below in the picture called "Time shift tool"

The you drag your audio file all the way to 0.

as soon as you do that, go to file and export the file .wav.

Then depending on the phone you have, .wav works, and if not convert it to an .mp3 file. my favorite converter is www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.

Then get it to your phone, and apply as rigntone.
ama36 years ago
I have tried the hacks with only one success -the first. Ever since, Verizon has replied "SMTP connection refused [@ vzwpix.com.] By sending to the new site, vtext.com, I am finding "attachment removed" This is obviously a declaration of war; any new workarounds?
sd card, usb cable
That just gets it physically onto your phone; it is not then transferable to ringtone -- which is NOT kept on SD card, but in phone memory. ringtones are not addressable. The hack works -- on occasion.
mayo2915 years ago
 you could use a sd card/micro sd card
JonH2O7 years ago
How do I "get it" to my phone?