For those of you who think that anger is normal and no big deal, this is not for you. For the few of you who realize that anger is a destructive force that is the opposite of peace, you might want to read on.

Peace is not the result of positive thinking. Peace can only come with the absence of negative thinking. True Peace requires the absence of anger.

All day, everyday, most people react to each other with resentment or other forms of subtle anger. This is done automatically, and often, unconsciously. It is so common, it is as nothing to most people. In most societies, anger is considered normal. Everybody does it. Still, most people don't want to talk about it, much less think about it. People either express their anger and make other people sick or they repress their anger and make themselves sick. The possibility of eliminating anger is not even considered. Yet, anger can be seen to be the root cause of depression, rape, racism, insanity, murder, and war. You don't believe it? Read on.

Step 1: Materials

Needed: one honest person
<p>u know wot, i like it!!! :D :P :) thanxz it helps real well</p>
my co-workers are angry all the time and have hateful cynical humor. they make me cry in public.
Have you taken time to step back and think about that?
Seriously?!!! You just HAD to point that yellow arrow at me in the picture! Grrrrrr..... <br> <br>Just kidding! ;) <br> <br>Life is way to short, etc.
That which angers you, CONTROLS you......
Michael Singer has some great things to say on the subject of learning how to step back and watch yourself.&nbsp; His book, The Untethered Soul, was very illuminating, but of course it's just a reiteration of ancient wisdom from countless others.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I&nbsp;like your graphics on this post, thanks for the peaceful contribution :)&nbsp;
i would have to say i am one of the people listed in the first sentence who this instructable isnt for, because i found out that when you are angry and in a fight you can get an adrenaline rush easyer and not feel any pain and keep fighting
Anger is a feeling, our feelings are part of ourselves. They help us react to and change ourselves and, in turn, the world around us. To deny anger is to deny a part of ourselves. Many good things have been done in anger, as well as many bad things. Anger can be a powerful motivating force, as can sadness, etc.. It's all about how we deal with it, and what we choose to do with it. Anger is not a lack of self-control. Sometimes how we deal with it shows how lacking our self-control is, or how strong an emotion anger truly is. I'm grateful for the ability to feel, whether it's anger, sadness, joy, or a myriad of other emotions and combinations thereof. ~adamvan2000
I'm sorry but this just seems like a plug for a product.
mikey, I appreciate this Instructable!! I feel arguing the p's and q's of this instructable takes away from the core message. You are not at fault for suggesting people remove anger from their lives. It is good advice that we should all follow more often. These comments seem frustrating to me, because they are clouding a beautiful message that should be very often repeated. Of Course the only person that is going to agree with 100% of this instructable is you. The complete assimilation to this idea is not and should not be a goal. But those who can look at this with an open mind, and take part of it and make it their own might be glad they did.
Nope, doesn't make sense. Too many places where the hypothesizes sounds good but the proof fails. Too many generalities that fall apart when examined. 'Anger' is not a synonym for 'stress' as you assume in one example. Perhaps you should start with a definition of anger.
This is not a theory. This is not an argument in favor of eliminating anger. This is a down to earth, practical description of what anger is and how it can be eliminated. It is a step by step description which is as precise as I can make it with my limited writing skills. I have used these techniques to successfully eliminate most of my anger without repressing it or expressing it, and so have thousands of others. If you don't think it is worth doing, that's fine. If you want to pretend that anger isn't destructive, that's fine too. It is a question of the quality of your perception and your honesty, not theories or proofs. Can you see in your everyday life, independent of me or anyone else, the damage that is caused when an angry man beats his wife or child? Have you ever seen an un-angry man beat his wife or child? It does not happen. Are you going to pretend that people can be peaceful while at the same time they are angry? That is absurd. The proof is in the doing. It works. But if you are still at the lower level where you do not see or think that anger is a problem or you are to close-minded to consider the possibility that anger can actually be eliminated, then you might want to go to a less threatening instructable where you can make a wallet out of duct tape and keep your anger untouched.
Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, wore it out, bought another one. Your view of the world is simplistic at best, limited to black and white definitions, and possibly dangerous. Getting further requires definitions so we are talking about the same thing. Please, what is your definition of anger?
My view of the world is "simplistic at best". Define simplistic. I am limited to "black and white definitions" Define that. Prove it. And what is your definition of "possibly dangerous" You demand what you do not provide. Where is your proof that I am wrong? Where are your definitions? If I'm so wrong and illogical, why do you waste your time on this? I have hit a nerve by stating the obvious--that anger is destructive. If you prefer to think that anger cannot and should not be eliminated, then why not go on your merry way oblivious to the harm that it causes? Without making any effort to find out if it can in fact be eliminated. From experience, I know the taste of chocolate. Can I define it in a way that will prove that I've tasted chocolate. No. A child who is being beaten by an angry adult knows what anger is and needs no definitions. A mother receiving the pieces of her child that was blown up by a hate-filled terrorist knows what anger is and needs no definitions or logical proofs. Anger is resentment. Anger is frustration. Anger is hostility. Anger is a mean spirit that gets inside of people. Anger is not you, it is something that gets inside of you. And because it is not you but something passed down through the generations, it can be eliminated. Anger is not like the other emotions. It does not help with survival. It is anti-survival. Anger is an over-reaction to injustice or imagined injustice. Anger is not something that can be controlled. It controls you. Anger in its most extreme form is called hate. All of these forms of anger from the smallest and most subtle to the largest, are destructive to you and everyone around you. The proof: just look around you at the harm it causes. This is not something new that I came up with. People have known how to eliminate their anger for at least two thousand years. It is a huge mistake to assume that because you don't know how to do it, it is impossible for others to have learned what you have not.
You seem angry at my questions. Why?<br/><br/>Anger : a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong<br/>or : may be a (physiological and psychological) response to a perceived threat to self or important others, present, past, or future. The threat may appear to be real, discussed, or imagined. ( <a rel="nofollow" href="http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=anger&amp;x=0&amp;y=0">http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=anger&amp;x=0&amp;y=0</a> and <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anger">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anger</a> )<br/><br/>Defining 'anger' as 'anything i don't like' is useless. Resentment, frustration, hostility, mean spirit-none of those are anger. They may LEAD to violent behavior, but are not anger. Not using clear, precise words with definite meanings leads to misunderstanding and mistakes.<br/><br/>Anger is a basic survival emotion, hard wired in the brain (the amygdala) and gives a jump-start for danger. Anger can not be controlled, but your reaction to it can be.<br/><br/>Hate is not anger. I hate the taste of alcohol, but that has nothing to do with anger. Is that 'proof' of anything?<br/><br/>As far as 2000 years of teachings...well, beating the crap out of your kids has a much longer history, are you advocating that just because it's been around longer?<br/><br/>Violence is preventable. The opposite of hatred/racism/bigotry is education. <br/><br/>Oh, you are simplistic in that you claim a SINGE thing is the root of all problems. Black and white because you have no other answers. Possibly dangerous in that you think that your solution is for everyone (suppression is a stress-remember that article?). <br/><br/>I'm responding to better your instructible as someone who has tried this-it doesn't always work (read Sidhartha's response to Budda-everyone has to find their own path).<br/>
Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to the dark side. <-- proven ;D
Definitions missing, proof fails : )
Fear is another emotion. It does not lead to anger but could co-exist with it. Hate is an inappropriate reaction to anger. The "Dark Side" is a fictional concept from a magical realm that doesn't exist in the real Universe. While it's concept follows closely with Good and Evil or Yin and Yang, it's got nothing to do with anger. One's behavior can be evil, not one's emotions.
Anger is not problem. Its love. True peace cannot exist with love. think of all the people who kill for the love of God. Kill for ther love of Nation. think about all the crazy things we do when we are in love. All he horible things we to protect our love for that person. nothing hurts more then when the hurt comes from people we love. and the anger really come out when that love doesn't work out. naaaaw. I think in order to obtain true peace. we have to get ride of love. for more people have died and killed in the name of love then any other "free will" action(im not counting things like deseise and acts of nature).
In case anybody missed it, This is very tounge in cheek.
All living is a stress. Sitting by a river fishing is a stress. An enjoyable one, but still a stress. Anger is another stress. What I know from long personal experience is that anger will injure you and those that you love most. As sure as sit here and type.<br/><br/>Anyway, I found out the hard way; a massive heart attack and an emergency angioplasty with 3 stents as a final result. <br/><br/>Please head this advice... Now and realize that hypertension, bad eating habits, lack of exercise, genetics etc. all come into play. <br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.medbroadcast.com/channel_section_details.asp?text_id=2049&channel_id=1018&relation_id=5536">Don't take my word for it, click here.</a><br/><br/>
Anger is to peace as flying is to peat moss. You cannot compare the two. The opposite of peace is war. The opposite of anger is no anger. It's an emotion and nothing more. Anger is not opposite love or happiness, since all can coexist as nothing more than emotions. There are many unhealthy reactions to anger that can and should be avoided or eliminated such as hatred, ferocity, depression and homicide, to name a few. Anger itself will exist and should be dealt with, but isn't an evil in itself. I get angry when I see parents jay walking a very busy highway with children in their arms. I get angry when fuel prices are risen without logical reason. I get angry when I see someone filling up their SUV or Hummer while complaining about the prices. Do I go on a rampage over it? Of course not. I accept the anger as a normal emotion over a situation that merits it and go on with my life.
As I said in the first sentence: "For those of you who think that anger is normal and no big deal, this is not for you." It is not my job to convince you of the obvious--that anger is destructive in many ways. This can be easily seen by anyone who is sincerely looking for the truth. This instructable is practical information for those who want to learn how to eliminate their anger and the suffering that it causes. It always amazes me how many people want to protect and defend their anger as if it were something noble and beautiful and necessary. Anger is an absence of self-control. How can that be a good thing? Mere words will not convince you. Only life and the suffering of life has such transforming power.
And as I said, anger is an emotion! There's no defending emotions and there's no eliminating them! You can learn to deal with an emotion, but trying to eliminate anger simply buries it and allows it to build and fester. The idea that anger can be eliminated is a fallacy. One has to recognize the anger at its source and deal with it in a healthy manner. This prevents it from coming out at an inappropriate time and form. Anger is not destructive! Dealing with it in an inappropriate manner is.
At first I was going to post my reactions to your comment. I made the mistake of browsing comments before reading the article. That was a mistake: you are 100% correct. <br/><br/>Immediately upon reading this, in full, I realized that WAY too many assumptions were made. Correct or incorrect, there are too many that just slide in there (e.g. All murderers are angry, peace is the opposite of anger) and too many quantum leaps are made as a result of this. The basis of the entire article is shaky and it is evident from the start but it becomes even more clear as you go through.<br/><br/>&quot;For those of you who think that anger is normal and no big deal, this is not for you. For the few of you who realize that anger is a destructive force that is the opposite of peace, you might want to read on.<br/><br/>Peace is not the result of positive thinking. Peace can only come with the absence of negative thinking. True Peace requires the absence of anger.&quot;<br/><br/>Anger != Opposite of Peace != Negative Thinking != Hate<br/><br/>You're linking/grouping together far too many things, and as LasVegas said anger is not an evil itself. As lame as it is, the best quote to back me up is Yoda in the Empire Strikes Back:<br/><br/>&quot;Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.&quot;<br/><br/>I hate to say it, but one I got to the end of this I realized it was just spew.<br/>
Very nice tutorial , Did you come to this conclusion by yourself or are you just reading reading & more reading into buddhism ? Anyhow , it's very well putted into words , it's a shame most people don't even want to open thereselfs to understand this . Like Gautama Siddharta said: Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

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