Make Yourself a : Cable Organizer.


Introduction: Make Yourself a : Cable Organizer.

Organize and tidy up your work table with this Cable Organizer made with reusable materials to save money and the environment.

Step 1: ‚ÄčMaterials:

Tube = any suitable size tube and material. (reused item prefered.)

Cloth = any suitable material. (soft & flexible to fold. Dimensions to wrap round tube with sufficient length to hold by clips and fold over)

Clips = type shown in picture. (big enough to clamp on table.)

Step 2: Installation:

Wrap round tube with cloth.

Clamp folded cloth edge to table side with clips.

Step 3: Installation:

Remove top levers from clips.

Step 4: Installation:

Fold bottom levers back under the table. Flip tube over to side of table. Tuck in excess cable length folded into tube.

Step 5:


With cable tucked inside tube hiding unsightly excess cables from the table.

With tube mounted on side of table reclaiming table space usage.



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    Ah, Cable Management. Definitely a product design category of necessity these days. Nice treatment!

    1 reply

    Thank you. Just try to reuse everyday items otherwise thrashed. Good for the environment and wallet.