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The website "yola" is a great website for making totally free websites. Either a personal website or company website, even a password protected site, and you can create it all by yourself and no code knowledge is required but it would help you create a nicer site.
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Step 1: Sign Up

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The very first thing you have to do is sign up for a free account. They will ask you:

  • Your Full name
  • Your Email
  • Confirm Email
  • Password
And then Click Get Started!

Step 2: Choose your theme and color

Picture of Choose your theme and color
Now that you have signed up it should automatically take to create a new site (yes you can have multiple sites!) Unfortunately you are limited to only 76 pre-designed templates, some you can change the banner and some you can't, their also maybe additional colors for that theme, some you can not. Once you have chosen your theme and possibly the color then click next.
why create links that don't work
hedzup4565 years ago
you link doesnt work
I'm working on my own product that i hope to be lots better than the old web-1 site generators. (NO-EVIL-FLASH).. SiteGen will include different versions for the different needs. My-SQL, PHP Files, PHP PHP HTML But for now it is just PHP + My-SQL.. The pruduct is living at
badad5 years ago
Can we earn money through google adsense? or not
How do you put games on a website
amakerguy (author)  I_am_jesuspeanut5 years ago
 yeah, you have to have the embed code for the game, and if you use yola then you have to put the embed code into a HTML widget.. you can find code for games, if you search google for embeddable flash games. Lots of results come up.. you can also try they have some if you look for games for webmasters or something like that ;)
Instead try or
weasel9995 years ago
 dude i hacked into the stop motion pictures website

username   webmaster

password   aaronvail1995
amakerguy (author)  weasel9995 years ago
You Did NOT HACK the website!! Its in the source code... I just put that there so thatpeople wouldn't get into it as easy because I'm working on redesigningit and changing the Domain name... thanks for sharing the Pass andUser.. :P but you are free to check out the stuff... before I reallyprotect it
awesome (:
=SMART=6 years ago
Very interesting, i was thinking about creating my own website. If i do i would pay the money to have the yola bit removed, thing is i dont really want to use a template, i want to design it in photoshop and do it that way. Do you know how i could do that ?
lemonie =SMART=6 years ago
Webhosting can be fairly cheap (inclusive of a domain name) - if you can scrape a few bucks together, pay for a package that'll let you upload your own content. I should think that ftp connections aren't allowed by yola (no they're not)

=SMART= lemonie6 years ago
do you know of any good places i can buy a domain name ?
amakerguy (author)  =SMART=6 years ago
I think the best place is Godaddy... you could get a domain name there and web hosting for very cheap. In fact I'm going to buy another one soon, and there only about $10 per year (for the domain)
Have you got the name pointing to your yola site, or do you have another site somewhere? (generally interested) L
lemonie =SMART=6 years ago
If you just want to register a domain name, this place is probably as good as any other:

lemonie =SMART=6 years ago
Sorry I forgot you were in the same country as myself.
I've been on the 29.35 a year package for years, it's not the cheapest but it don't give me any trouble: stable professional service-

amakerguy (author)  =SMART=6 years ago
well you could pick a template that has a banner image like in my example and then it would give you the size and you can make your own. Go here and look at my brothers, I changed the banner to one I made in photoshop.
lemonie6 years ago
The finished example is the one you made for your brother, or do you have one too? L
amakerguy (author)  lemonie6 years ago
I have a yola website....
That's tidy and easy on the eyes (I see a lot worse, and often). I should take a screen shot and use it as image number one at the top, and drop it in as a link to show the finished result of the instructable. ? L