Step 5: Creating New Pages

Now lets make new pages! Up at the top toolbar their should be a button that says "New Page" click that to make a new page, then a dialog box should come up showing options for the new page your creating, set the type as web page, then put the file name, the heading is the big text on your page, I like to leave mine all the same. check the "Show in navigation" if you want the page to show in the navigation bar at the top of your page, you can also password protect it but I'll show you that later, after you set everything then click OK. in the third picture you can see the page I just created is showing in my navigation bar since I checked that option for the page. To change that click "edit Menu" on the top toolbar, you can drag and drop menu items to reorder them, or drag them to the right to take them out if the menu, this won't delete your pages, just doesn't show them in the navigation bar. Beck to the newly created page: you can now edit the page you just created! To go back to different pages then you'll see and drop down menu that has all of your pages you have, click the drop down menu then click the page you want to go to then the page you selected should load.