Introduction: Make a 1/4 Inch Adaptor Necklace

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Ever wanted to have an item that was wearable, stylish and useful? Well, here you have it. This necklace can be used for its original purpose and as a form of expressing your love for audio-related stuff .

All you need is:
A ball chain
A 1/8 Inch Female (3.5mm) to 1/4 Inch Male(6.35 mm) Audio Adaptor
Dremel/Cordless drill
A 4mm drill bit
A drawing pin or pointed knife

WARNING: depending on which brand of adaptor you have, you may have to alter the steps to suit it, so that the adaptor is still usable when drilled. Some adaptors have completely metal insides, and without a metal drill bit, this instructable won't work.

Step 1: Press Drawing Pin/knife Into Either Side of the Adaptor

Picture of Press Drawing Pin/knife Into Either Side of the Adaptor

First of all, press your pointy tool of choice into either side of the adaptor, as to leave a mark, similiar to a pilot hole. I recommend doing this near the top of the insulated part of the adaptor, but not too close to the entrance hole of the 1/8 inch jack. 4 to 6 mm is ideal.

Step 2: Drill

Picture of Drill

Drill a 4mm hole straight through the adaptor, going through the pilot dots.

Try to avoid the metal areas. This may take some trial and error.

Step 3: Thread Ball Chain Through and Wear

Picture of Thread Ball Chain Through and Wear

Grab your ball chain and thread it through the holes you just drilled.

Loop the chain around you neck, secure the end, and wear. Enough said.
Hope you enjoy wearing this as much as I did! :)

Suggestions welcome.


nrajagopal (author)2015-06-22

Amazing idea thanks

Makavilletc (author)2011-11-24

thats geeky with mad style!

Juleemt (author)2011-11-14

Simple and cool, love it! ;D

tdesmarais (author)2011-07-10

When you drill the hole, does it go all the way through the adapter? If so, does the adapter still work?

T-K (author)tdesmarais2011-10-23

yes and yes!

voltagedude (author)2011-05-25

Where can i get a ball chain for free????

look at fans in your house

theburn7 (author)2011-06-23

"end thingo" ~classic

Spydamonky (author)2011-06-23

HAHA, i just watched a Jerry Springer show where the guy's nickname was Dragon Boy :D. Seeing your username brings back memories from 5 minutes ago :) Awesome bling by the way! love the gold platedness

mysss (author)2011-06-16

I think I'll be the one to suggest putting it in a vise or something to avoid a horrible drill injury from holding something an inch or less from the bit while drilling.

žgoljevica (author)2011-05-04

That's a great idea.! =D
Instead of an adaptor i used the end of my old not-working-anymore earphones and it looks awesome.! x)

kiva22 (author)2010-10-22

okay, i'm really naive with electronics stuff. im making this for my friend who's REALLY into stereos and things. what size adapter should I use, and what are they used for? thanks

ive been looking every where (except Long and McQuade) where can i get one of these? mine broke, then fell into a storm drain or something.

haventmadeabombyet (author)2009-10-31

Can you think of any reason why this can't be done with a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter?

Did it, it worked.

T-K (author)haventmadeabombyet2010-02-03

Cool! have you got any pics?

Oh, and I know you probably get this waaaaaaay too much, but: have you made a bomb yet? :P

haventmadeabombyet (author)T-K2010-02-20

Have not made a Bomb, yet. At the moment I have to plans to. You're actually the first to ask.

I ended up removing the out and inner "insulation", but it had no effect.

I do recommend using a step drill bit to avoid denting the adapter while drilling.

jet_ski (author)2010-02-03

 that is awesome, wish I had one of these when I was doing broadcasting!!!!

Yerboogieman (author)2009-10-11

This is pretty cool, yet, all i have is a mini 1/4 to 1/8 adaptor.

DrCoolSanta (author)2009-09-20

Am I the only one who thought of creating one with only the female one and gifting it to my gf? =P

casey321b (author)DrCoolSanta2009-09-21

most likely but i sense thats a rhetorical question so i dont even know why I answered it... some one probably thought of it but never commented...

DrCoolSanta (author)casey321b2009-09-22

Seeing as half of the world is perverted, I don't see why someone did not =P

T-K (author)DrCoolSanta2009-09-30

which half? male, female or both? ;)

spydog4 (author)T-K2009-10-10

maybe half of both? :P

DrCoolSanta (author)T-K2009-10-03

aha ;D

wamj (author)2009-09-26

Where do you recommend I buy a ball chain that is cheap

T-K (author)wamj2009-09-27

Well, a ball chain isn't necessary, as you can use anything thin enough to thread into the hole. I don't remember where I got mine, and found it looks better with a thin strip of leather.

wamj (author)T-K2009-09-27

Where did you get the adaptor

T-K (author)wamj2009-09-29

I got mine from Hot Dollar, which is a discount store here in Australia.

fallenspirit123 (author)wamj2009-09-26

lowes has them i think

Solderguy (author)2009-09-19

If you plug that into your Ipod, do you get electrocuted ? lol Great instructable.

jimtran93 (author)Solderguy2009-09-19

na, the max volts it can be is 5v and the amps are way too small!

berky93 (author)jimtran932009-09-23

plus both ends of the chain are connected to the same lead, so theres no circuit. the only way it could possibly hurt you was if one end of the chain was farther down in the adapter.

flio191 (author)2009-09-23

great! In my experience, these seem to ALWAYS get lost, so having one around your neck at all times would be a great quick tool when you need to use it!

osgeld (author)2009-09-19

Rotomatic! man what a pos :) I wrote an instructable about it, still using it tho

T-K (author)osgeld2009-09-19

Hey, cool. I'm in Australia, and just checked it out - It's exactly the same, but I think mine's a copy because I bought it from a discount store for $11. Ni-Cad batteries seriously should go, they're so crappy that I use mine with the charger plugged in.

osgeld (author)T-K2009-09-22

lol i think mine cost 10us at a mall store, and I ran mine off the wall supply for a while, but after a few years the batteries just got so funky that nothing would work ... thats why i just scrapped them and hard wired it to a transformer

fultron89 (author)2009-09-19

Too bad- looks like you have to take off the neckalce and take the chain out in order for it to work, it would be kind of cool to be able to use it with the chain still there... Nice aesthetic, though.

T-K (author)fultron892009-09-21

Yeah, I was thinking after making it, I could cut the chain, then glue the cut ends to the adaptor. I don't trust my super-glue though, and I don;t want to have a glob of glue on it.

casey321b (author)T-K2009-09-21

I would use hot glue and then you can easily cut away the excess

revelae (author)fultron892009-09-20

yeah, what might have worked better is cutting a groove in the plastic and tying the cord/chain around it.

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