Make a 221B Baker Street Christmas Ornament (BBC Sherlock)

Because who doesn't want one of the most famous addresses represented on their Christmas tree? I love having geeky original ornaments, and thought I'd share this because it's not too difficult and it makes for a great ornament. This is my first instructable; let me know if something isn't clear.

This project took me about three hours, slightly because I'm a perfectionist, but mostly because I'm not that good at picking out things that just won't work with the project. Total cost was around $20 (mind, I had some supplies already), and everything can be found online at a doll house building site, or at the hardware store.

For this you will need:

Six panel dollhouse door  (like so)
Cheap wooden stir stick or popsicle stick
Cardstock paper
Fimo clay or another modeling clay to make the door knocker
A gold number/letter sticker  (one of these - go for the letter L because you get more gold space)
Gold paint pen
Glue - I used white glue
Wire to hang the ornament with
Black paint
+Gloss finish if your black paint isn't shiny.
Keyhole plate with tiny nails (these, though can be switched out for something different)

Paint brushes

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Step 1: Painting the parts

Picture of Painting the parts
I used a plain black craft paint for this, because it dried fast and was cheap. It wasn't shiny like the real door from Sherlock, so I covered it with a gloss finish afterward.

Note in the picture the painted coffee stir stick, and the small black 'lip'. This lip comes with the dollhouse door, as it (and two other pieces) make interior trim if you're building a dollhouse. I am not, but used the piece to give my door a top ledge. 

The stir stick was cut to size and glued to the bottom of the door, as a door kick.
Bergamot1 year ago
Beautiful! Instructables needs more Sherlock, and this is awesome.
Finally, a BBC Sherlock-related Instructable! :D It came out looking awesome!
harry_watson (author)  nottotallyhere1 year ago
Thank you very much! I'm thinking of printing out the living room wallpaper and sticking it to the back of the door. ;)