Step 3: Numbers, Letter slot, and keyhole

Picture of Numbers, Letter slot, and keyhole
Onto the numbers. Most irritating part of this.

Draw out the numbers on cardstock paper and carefully cut them out. Paint them with the gold paint (to match the knocker) and set aside to dry.  Remember, the B is shorter than the numbers. (Sherlockology reference pic)
Use white glue to glue them to the door, and it's easier to do if you use the tweezers to place the numbers down. Then use the pin to gently push them where they're supposed to sit.  If the gold paint is still a little wet, you can poke it into the numbers at the top and bottom to look like the screws that hold them to the door

For the mail slot, cut out a rectangle from the metal number/letter sticker. You'll need strong scissors or tin snips for this.

If you want the dirt smudge like the door is in the series, draw on the gold rectangle with pencil and then smudge it with your thumb. Using a ruler, draw a box in the middle, where the mail will go in.

Use the gold pen to write LETTERS (good luck, it's tiny and challenging) and add the two square bits at each end of the mail slot. There's adhesive already on the back of this, so you don't even need to glue it to the door. Just peel back the clingy film.

Lastly, I put the keyhole plate on the door (just with glue) and nailed in a small nail, so it would look like the key slot that's on the real door. This is...difficult. I think the nail is maybe 4 mm long - it comes with the keyhole plates. If you're going to do this, I suggest scratching the door very slightly with an x-acto knife, placing the nail over that spot, and pushing it in with your thumb. Once it goes in a bit you can hammer it the rest of the way.

To attach the hanging wire, just glue it to the back of the door where it won't be seen. And you're done! Your very own Baker Street door.

Thanks for reading!