I love to play with MOT's but the only breaker i have to power them off of it only rated for 15 amps, so i decided to see if I could power them off a 240V outlet my dad made for his welders and air compressor and sure enough, it works! So here i will show you how to make a great MOT power supply very easily and for a very low price!

*A MOT can kill you instantly or give you a really nasty shock and they are not toys, I have been shocked by one and it was freaking scary and painful so BE CAREFUL! i am not responsible to any damage caused!

Step 1: you will need

Two MOT's
A light switch
A inlet from a computer power supply or something like it
A PFC capacitor (optional). 20uF at 250V+ should work just fine
Some .250" female spade connectors (bag of 50 for $2.20). You will also need some smaller ones for the inlet but I don't know what size
Some 14 awg wire. Speaker wire or an old power cord will work just fine
A 12" piece of 2 x 4 
A soldering iron and solder
A drill
Some screws. I used #8 x 1/2" screws from Home Depot 

DESPERATELY NEED HELP IMMEDIATELY...I'm having a hard time understanding the science and requirements of building and maintaining a D.I.Y. MOT welder. I have almost everything I need and am clueless but, REALLY want to make one and use it. PLEASE, anyone w/ experience whom could bestow some knowledge upon me...I'd really appreciate it !<br><br>I don't understand why folks (according to my research) can't just draw up SIMPLE &amp; TRULY step by step instruction with, a detailed SIMPLE check-list of any/all materials/equipment needed to successfully build such things. <br><br>Thank you for your time and consideration,<br>-The G.O.L
<p>hi </p><p>I've a<strong> 230v MOT</strong> from an old oven , is it possible to use it single cause i v already 230v primary in it , our electricity city is running on <strong>230v</strong></p><p>in many forums and tuts all uses 2 MOTs 11Ov each so they uses 2 to double the power </p><p>thanks</p>
there is no neutral on 240 volts
<p>in my city is used phase transformers 380v / 220v and Phase-earth voltage is 220V. So here have neutral-phase 220v</p>
<p>depends solely on the place and power distributor</p>
lmao ok then is there a way to make one the puts out 200 amps?
is there a way to make that able to power say a house but stay that small?
Yeah, If you want to fry every electronic in your house.
they make the wall plugs like that for a reason. in that type your showing in the last picture, both 'prongs' are sideways, or flat, and when the plug itself when it has two sideways prongs, it is supposed to go in a 240V 1 phase outlet. <br> <br>The vertical part on the left side indicates that it can handle a good bit of current. <br> <br> you should never try to do what you did, because it is dangerous. (but then again, so is this project!!!) <br> <br>you can pick up those 240V adapters from a hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot.
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He just vanished
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i like working with mots also but make no mistake they are deadly and the caps are very dangerous,i have been running a six mot stack on my coil for years,but your set up as is ..is very dangerous
do you have scrap
not sure i get your meaning...

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