After making a 8X10 matrix a lot of people asked me about expanding the matrix to some thing bigger, and some wanted to write stuff to the matrix via a PC, so one day I looked at a pile of LEDs that I had leftover from a LED cube projected and I decided to make a bigger matrix with all the things people wanted.

So what are you waiting for? Get those LEDs out and heat up your soldering iron because we are about to make a 24X6 LED matrix! 

Step 1: Getting All The Right Things

So you will need the basic set of tools for this project : a soldering iron, some solder wire, a cutter, a needle nosed plier,some wire, wire striper, and some desoldering tools if you need them.

For the matrix you will:
1. 144 LEDs
2. 24 resistors( The value is determent by the type of LEDs, in my case 91 ohm)
3. 4017 decade counter
4. 6 1KOhm resistors
5. 6 2N3904 transistors
6. A long Perfboard
7. Arduino
8. 3 x 74HC595 shift register
10. some pin headers

<p>excuse me. if this running text expanded to 48x6 with just adding more register is possible?</p><p>and the matrix module is needed a zener to secure led from broken?</p><p>thanks</p>
<p>I have a code that has been modified to recognize the additional shift registers for the 48 x 6 display and would be happy to share it with you, if you contact me at my email address; gplyr8@gmail.com. Also I have not found the need for the zenerk, but you will need to add some small capacitance capacitors to your ground on the shift registers, to avoid trouble. I also have an updated schematic for the display.</p>
<p>thanks for the information and instruction. it's helpful. now i'm will develop it to 48x6 running text.</p><p>maybe i'm need to exploring the variation of the animating movement of text,hehe</p>
<p>actually, I'm still onworking progress on board. i made the PCB based from 24x6 with additional expansion for 24 lines. </p><p>does it will be ok?</p><p>oh, plus, the board that i will use is arduino nano. is it capable enough for the display?</p>
<p>Not sure about nano, but it should be able to handle it.</p>
Hi, good project, I don't understand the program for the arduino, how put the program in the interface of the arduino??<br>and what is the archive that must be used? the looping or works?
<p>Hellou!</p><p>It's amazing. Im new on this Arduino thing, and I would appreciate if you can give me the code. Thanks so much!</p><p>My email: m.carrillo93@hotmail.com</p>
<p>nice article</p>
<p>To anyone who needs the code for a display bigger than 24x6, I have taken Syst3mX's code and modified it to work with a 48x8 display. The code can be changed to either an 8 or 6 row display with up to 48 columns Contact me and I will send you the code. I am not sure how many columns you can extend it.</p>
<p>Hi elink5319,</p><p>Very nice your moving display. Im new to this Arduino, and your be very helpful if you can give me the code. Thanks a lot.. Nice works.</p><p>My email: odie1427@gmail.com</p>
Hi elink5319. Please be kind enough to let me use your code. I am stuck in between. My email is sharmapukar@yahoo.co.in
<p>I will send you the code as soon as possible.</p>
<p>i have created 24*10 perfectly running i have share codes soon i will upload more content stay tuned</p><p>@<br><a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/2410-LED-MATRIX-PERFECTLY-RUNNING/" rel="nofollow">http://www.instructables.com/id/2410-LED-MATRIX-PE...<br></a>&amp;<br>@</p><p><a href="https://www.facebook.com/SparkingElectronics" rel="nofollow">https://www.facebook.com/SparkingElectronics<br></a>send me code for more than 24 column. <br>09dec049@nirmauni.ac.in</p>
<p>I have sent you the code, have fun.</p>
<p>hello <a href="http://www.instructables.com/member/elink5319/" rel="nofollow">elink5319</a> I would like the code that you have made, I believe im on the right track to getting it to work but stuck on the</p><p> spi_transfer(make_word(0x01000000,k));</p><p>please send me your code </p><p>the matrix that i have made is a 6 by 40</p><p>email Jrsprouls@gmail.com </p><p>Thank you</p>
<p>I have sent you the code, have fun.</p>
<p>Hi, It&acute;s great, i&acute;m also making a 48x8 display, but not how to modify the code of the original matrix 24x8, can you help me with the code??? Please...</p><p>My mail is: czynight_666@hotmail.com</p><p>boganazhapa@utpl.edu.ec</p><p>Thx.</p>
<p>Sure, no problem, I am glad I can help.</p>
<p>Hi <a href="http://www.instructables.com/member/elink5319/" rel="nofollow">elink5319</a>, Thx for the code, i have some problem, e.g. </p><p>1.) Why use setupSPI();???</p><p>2.) In the circuito, Can I replace the 2N3904 to 2n2222A transistor? and</p><p>3.) I need to send my menssage from the laptop to the screen via serial, How can I make this change?, i need some suggestions.</p><p>THX...</p>
<p>Hello! I&lsquo;m trying to make a 15*7 with 4017 and 74HC595 (and a 2982 to increase the currant) as my intern ship project. It's new to all my tutors(what a bad luck) and i just don't know how to program it with Arduino! Could anyone give me a hand pls! Thanks a lot!!!</p>
<p>what is 2982?? how to use it??</p>
<p>You can use 2003 to inverse the courrent. Which 2982 can not. That the key point I think. And i finally made it. if you want my program you can give me your email address I made it for a 7*40 LED board.</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/e5pWyml5-0I" width="500"></iframe></p>
Congrats for the success. Will you be kind enough to share the code with me at sharmapukar@yahoo.co.in
<p>I made a 24x8 led matrix,</p><p>my Arduino's Pin Used for=&gt;</p><p>74595 shift clock(SHCP_pin)=&gt; 9</p><p>74595 storage clock(STCP_pin)=&gt; 10</p><p>4017 clock pin(Clk)=&gt; 11</p><p>Data input(DS_pin) =&gt; 12</p><p>Positive Voltage(+VCC)=&gt; 13</p><p>please send me the arduino program regarding my Arduino pin,which is previously mentioned...</p><p>please help me;</p>
This project is great and i made one<br> But the problem is that the code can support only 24 columns. I made 64x8 matrix and i need the code that can support the said column. I like this project bucause I find it very easy to create my own charecter. If anyone knows the trick to extend the column, please be kind enough to share the code with me at sharmapukar@yahoo.co.in
<p>Hello, I'm trying to make a 48*8 and 56*8 scrolling LED matrix. Could anyone provide both of the code please. My e-mail is constantine_9530@yahoo.com. </p>
If you are using low side row and high side column using 74hc595 for both than i could help you.
Plalz send the coding programing and circuit diagram of scrolling led matrix keyboard interface using arduino.. Patelmayur577@Gmail.com
How to make and programming 24*8 scrolling led matrix keyboard interface using arduino... Plz help me...programming and circuit diagram plz send me
<p>successful !!</p><p>I am very grateful to you for helping my project,</p><p>but there is one thing I want to ask, whether I can change the text via android smartphone ??</p><p>how can I make it? Can you help me?</p><p>regards</p><p>yuz.antiexe@gmail.com</p>
<p>Hi, i have do some modification on your code, i transfer your predefined character into a &quot;updateWord&quot; function. Which mean, to make the led to display &quot;happy birthday&quot; instead of doing this byte your_text[14][6]={BH,LA,LP,LP,LY,SPACE,BB,LI,LR,LT,LH,LD,LA,LY};<br><br>you only need to write updateWord(&quot;Happy Birthday&quot;); under the void setup function.<br><br>i have add another code which it listen to the serial port to change the wording, which you no longer need to reprogram arduino to change the scroling text. =) <br></p>
<p>Hey bro, Thanks this work very good....It will scroll your predefine message on start up then when it received a serial message (on usb cable or bluetooth) it will scroll it indefinitely....I also seen your code can easily adjust the scrolling speed....Hey nice coding!!!! </p>
<p>i'm glad that you like it =)</p>
<p>I'm trying to make 48*10 with 4017 and 74hc595. Could anyone help me to provide the code and matrix controller circuit diagram...,Thank you</p>
<p>syst3mX plz help me. my board is scrolling bt the characters are not clear.the leds to be off are not off bt just the intensity is low... characters scrolled not clear. plz help... </p>
<p>It sounds like you might have some connection issues, some of your positive leads of the LED s are making contact with the negative leads. I have had issues like this with the last one I built.</p>
<p>can there be some other problems? because i checked all the positive and negative leads of the leds. and think they are properly connected. plz help me elink5319. its the project of my college. i am not able to diagonose the problem. my email id is binush69030@gmail.com</p>
<p>plz help</p>
<p>Thank you Syst3mX , i made it :)</p>
<p>can some one mail me 48x8 code. jaynicher@gmail.com</p>
<p>I made a 24x8 led matrix, </p><p>my Arduino's Pin Used for=&gt;</p><p>74595 shift clock(SHCP_pin)=&gt; 9</p><p>74595 storage clock(STCP_pin)=&gt; 10</p><p>4017 clock pin(Clk)=&gt; 11</p><p>Data input(DS_pin) =&gt; 12</p><p>Positive Voltage(+VCC)=&gt; 13</p><p>please send me the arduino program regarding my Arduino pin,which is previously mentioned...</p><p>please help me; </p>
<p>successfully done!!</p>
<p>thats very nice project , but can you send to me how can i write &quot; ahmedhesham22&quot; in the code</p>
we as a group made it, quite interesting, would you help with a code such that we can control the delay time, like changing the text after an hour so....
<p>can some one mail me 48*8 code.....vammichanti40312@gmail.com or devallavamsi@yahoo.in</p><p>tq uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...</p>
<p>I sent it to you.</p>
<p>Hi can you send 8x80 led matrix code at jamborloi@gmail.com....Thank you very much</p>
<p>I can send you a modified version of my code and see if it works, if you are willing to try it , contact me at my email: elink53@comcast.net</p>

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