Step 3: Schematics

The only thing I didn't specified in the schematics is the value of the current limiting resistors because they change from each type of LEDs, so you will need to calculate them by your self.

Now to calculate the value of the 24 resistors you can use this site : 
You should first get some specs on your LEDs, you should know their forward voltage and forward current, you can get this info from the seller. The circuit operates on 5V so your Source voltage is 5V.

Download the original file to see the schematics better.(press the "i" icon in the top left corner of the picture)

I have added a PCB layout of the control board, and i want to thanks Willard2.0 who made this layout and let me use it so thanks a lot mate!
How can i use this matrix to make a clock(12hr) please give the code
<p>What would need to change in the code if a 24x10 Matrix was constructed instead of 24x6? </p>
<p>hey I made it 24 x 8! but I seem to have encountered some problems.. only columns of led show up with no visible movements or animations. Do you know what might have caused this problem? I tested all my leds after soldering, all works fine. btw, I'm using the loop code. and great instructable though.</p>
<p>I'm using an arduino UNO and forgive my circuitry skills..I'm still new to this. could it be the decade counter or shift register fried up? </p>
<p>excuse me. if this running text expanded to 48x6 with just adding more register is possible?</p><p>and the matrix module is needed a zener to secure led from broken?</p><p>thanks</p>
<p>I have a code that has been modified to recognize the additional shift registers for the 48 x 6 display and would be happy to share it with you, if you contact me at my email address; gplyr8@gmail.com. Also I have not found the need for the zenerk, but you will need to add some small capacitance capacitors to your ground on the shift registers, to avoid trouble. I also have an updated schematic for the display.</p>
<p>I know this is a bit old but do you still have the code for a 48 x 6 display? I'm hoping to adapt it to a 32 x 8 display that I've made. My email is: Sharon97Q@gmail.com. Thank you kindly.</p>
<p>No problem. I sent it to you.</p>
<p>thanks for the information and instruction. it's helpful. now i'm will develop it to 48x6 running text.</p><p>maybe i'm need to exploring the variation of the animating movement of text,hehe</p>
<p>actually, I'm still onworking progress on board. i made the PCB based from 24x6 with additional expansion for 24 lines. </p><p>does it will be ok?</p><p>oh, plus, the board that i will use is arduino nano. is it capable enough for the display?</p>
<p>Not sure about nano, but it should be able to handle it.</p>
<p>In the code the words &quot;byte&quot;, &quot;bite&quot; and &quot;bit&quot; are all used in the comments. Does &quot;bite&quot; refer to bytes or bits? </p>
<p>I made it, the hardware design is solid, but im running into problems with the code. im using an arduino uno, and when I upload the WORKS file i get nothing... When i use the LOOPING file, my array wont get larger than 8, im just adding letters and increasing the array size. any ideas what I might be doing wrong? The attached immage says &quot;DONE&quot; camara frame rate is just too fast...</p>
<p>Figgured it out, when you change the array size you also need to go down to the void and change the size there. I created a var that way there isnt 2 changes.</p>
Hi i have made the project buts instead of letters i am getting square boxes. I am not able to find the solution please someone help me. Please!!
<p>Thank you Syst3mX , i made it :)</p>
<p>can you please send me the code !!</p><p>mashael.h.alharbi@gmail.com</p>
I want to build 6x24 led display. But I don't know how to build Please help me. style_1992@inbox.ru
Can someone tell me where to find a large enough perfboard? I can only find small ones online
<p>I couldn't find a perfboard online either. However, I acquired mine from a local electronics store so try looking up some around your areas and call to see if they have the right size.</p>
<p>hey, this might fry the arduino board. what if all leds is in high state. how can arduino handle that too much current?</p>
<p>Using an External supply will do the trick. Check my schematic and i have used 2 amps 12v to drive LEDs with out any issues. Depending on the current one can select appropriate NPN transistors and i used TIP 31 so i can use in the future for bigger loads.</p>
<p>how do we provide the power supply ??</p>
<p>yes. i'm wondering, this might fry the arduino board. what if all leds is in high state. how can arduino handle that too much current?</p>
<p>Anyone have a time estimate on about how long this takes? </p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>I don't know if anyone is still here, but does anyone have code for either a game like snake or an animation? Thanks! Send it to thecomix01@gmail.com</p>
<p>Great project! Can someone please send the improved code for the 24*6 to me as well? sarcho77@gmail.com</p>
<p>Can someone please send the improved code for the 24*6? And does anyone have got some good ideas to add extra's to the matrix?</p><p>kevinveijden@gmail.com</p>
<p>Can you put in this code č,ć,Đđ,š and ž and send me on email: </p><p> zadosadnestvari@gmail.com I need it for my school project. Thank you.</p>
<p>Hello, I'm trying to make a 48*8 and 56*8 scrolling LED matrix. Could anyone provide both of the code please. My e-mail is constantine_9530@yahoo.com. </p>
If you are using low side row and high side column using 74hc595 for both than i could help you.
<p>hello sharmapukar ! could u plz send me that code and ur hardware part .thank you</p><p>my email :arsysimbi@gmail.com</p>
<p>i need code 8*24 plzz help (y) </p>
<p>i need code 10*24 plzz help </p><p>elamraniamine9@gmail.com </p>
Code is hardware dependent. I have one using 74HC595 for row n column.
Can someone please send me the code for the 24x6? Bentleyth3brain@gmail.com
<p>please someone send me the proper code for this project at dipin.g007@gmail.com</p>
Send me code at alakh.madhav32@gmail.com and also circuit diagram with component
<p>can some one mail me 48*8 code.....vammichanti40312@gmail.com or devallavamsi@yahoo.in</p><p>tq uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...</p>
<p>I sent it to you.</p>
Pls send me the codes <br>sahil007patel@gmail.com
<p>Hi can you send 8x80 led matrix code at jamborloi@gmail.com....Thank you very much</p>
<p>I can send you a modified version of my code and see if it works, if you are willing to try it , contact me at my email: elink53@comcast.net</p>
hi bro do you mind sending me the code alias 8x80 led matrix... I will truly appreciate...
<p>Hello! I&lsquo;m trying to make a 15*7 with 4017 and 74HC595 (and a 2982 to increase the currant) as my intern ship project. It's new to all my tutors(what a bad luck) and i just don't know how to program it with Arduino! Could anyone give me a hand pls! Thanks a lot!!!</p>
<p>what is 2982?? how to use it??</p>
<p>You can use 2003 to inverse the courrent. Which 2982 can not. That the key point I think. And i finally made it. if you want my program you can give me your email address I made it for a 7*40 LED board.</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/e5pWyml5-0I" width="500"></iframe></p>
Pls send ur code to me<br>sahil007patel@gmail.com
<p>hi sir this is dhruve and I want to make a running led project contain some message please guide me how I will make led matrix and send me program with instruction email id is yadavpeterromio@gmail.com</p>

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