Make a $30 Steadicam


Introduction: Make a $30 Steadicam

Learn how to make a $30 steadicam with parts you can get at the local sporting goods, and hardware store.



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    The Galvanized steel pipes, in my experience, are very greasy, and grease does not mix with expensive camera equipment, what did you do to take the grease off?

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    I used break cleaner, and then painted the pipes.

    Thanks for the awesome Instructable! I changed a few things (24" long bottom, grips, etc.) and also used copper.

    Steadicam 2.jpg

    Great tutorial, you make this look so simple. 

    Usually (I believe) the best place to hold the mount is at the center of balance along the pipe. With a camera like you show, this would be just below the tee. I have a Zi8 that only weighs 4 ounces.  This will shift the COG down further. have you tried this rig with light weight cams? Is there a sweet spot in holding the rig?

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    I've found that with lightweight cameras, you can build something similar with PVC.  Check out the links on this Instructable to see some different PVC equipment designed with small cameras like yours in mind.

    Its funny how $30 can make amateur videos look professional. Cool tutorial :)

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    This video simplifies everything. I've been thinking about rigging something up like this. Now I'm just going to use this tutorial. Thanks for uploading.

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    Sounds a video after you use it

    Fantastic tutorial...this will come in handy!

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    talk about instructional... Nice, Cheap and Easy!

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