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It's Easy to Learn How to Use Solidworks or AutoCAD: 
Even if you have never used Solidworks or a similar computer automated design (AutoCAD) software you can still jump right into the fun and create a car key! 

My Own Experiences:
I learned how to create three dimensional drawings on Solidworks by following a set of instructions to make certain parts then I created parts that I had an interest in making.

How to Get Started:
To get started open up the Solidworks program on your computer and learn how the software is set up. If your computer does not have Solidworks or an AutoCAD program you will have to download it onto the computer you are using. Often universities provide short-term licenses for their students, if this would pertain to you check with your university.

Step 1: Learn about the Software

Picture of Learn about the Software
sketch control panel.PNG
top control panel.PNG
Familiarize Yourself with the Layout of the Software 
In Solidworks there are five tool bars entitled Features, Sketch, Evaluate, DimXpert, and Office Products. You will only have to use the first two tool bars, Features and Sketch, for the type of part that we are making.

iphonesquad9 months ago

does the key actualy work

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Don't you think this is the easiest way to draw something in solidworks?!
Wow, cool!
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Thanks! I'g glad you liked it!
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very nice tutorial, thanks
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I'm glad you found it helpful!